Question Pixel 7 Pro/what device you coming from?

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Jun 8, 2013
OnePlus 10 Pro
OP10Pro ! Never thought I'd be switching that fast, I usually try to keep my phones for 3 years min but this device was a pain all along... Still no MSM tools and I was too excited when I saw custom ROM being developed so early for the P7P !
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Jan 24, 2011
Long Beach
I had a locked T-Mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max. T-Mobile would not unlock my phone after I used it for a year on their network and paid it off because I bought it from a third party. I liked T-Mobile until this experience. Switched carriers to take advantage of $25 a month unlimited data plan through Boost mobile.

So I either keep T-Mobile after trying to unlock my phone for a month and numerous hours. Switch and save $45 a month and get a new device which is what I did. I could have bought a new iPhone 14 Pro Max but Apple was giving a poor trade in value and I would have had to pay around $4-500 or trade in my iPhone for a new Pixel 7 Pro for free?

I decided to take advantage of higher than market value trade in along with the sale price. I was nervous because of so many people talking about the Tensor G2 not being a good chip, the older screen tech, the optical fingerprint scanner, the new Samsung modem.

I have been using my Pixel 7 Pro now for a month and I haven't had any real issues with it. It has been fast and fluid, has a great camera set up, reception seems fine, and the screen is beautiful. The fingerprint sensor is as good as any I have used that are under screen.

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    OP 9 Pro, because it's not a good phone. I think the last good OP was the 7. And the OPO still to date has the best back of the phone.
    Oneplus 7 pro
    Had it for 3 years now, i used to change my phone every year before the op7p.
    It had been one of the greatest phones i have ever used. I will miss 2 things the most, alert slider and the hidden front camera. The oneplus 7 pro has a full screen, no cutouts or notches. I loved the privacy of having the front camera not staring at you all the time.
    But after 3 years you could feel the age of the phone. Don't get me wrong, it still can go from another year or two handling most of the tasks.
    Looking forward for my snow p7p 256gb. Can't wait to start tinkering with the software.
    Pixel 6 Pro to Pixel 7 Pro for me:) I will be passing the 6 Pro to my mother to upgrade her from a Pixel 3 XL
    Iphone 14 Pro Max. Had it for a total of 23 days before I gave up on it. I traded-in my Pixel 6 Pro for it, so I'm using my backup Pixel 3 until the Pixel 7 arrives.
    I've the S22 Ultra sky blue 512GB and getting the Pixel 7 Pro snow 512...

    Had every OnePlus since 5T ---5T,6T,7Pro,8Pro(the best in my opinion) and 9Pro.. Skipped the 10pro cause DEV was stangant and since OnePLUS started merging things with the OPPPO side of things and custom develolpment stangnated i decided to jump ship ...