Pixel Replacement Screen sporadic unresponsive

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Jun 1, 2012
I had my Pixel 2 screen replaced with an aftermarket screen in Bangalore, India. The display works perfectly fine, and so id the touch for the first week. However, recently the touch screen is causing issue, in one of three states
State A) Completely unresponsive and not registering any touches
State B) Registers multiple false touches, all at once, making the phone unusable
State C) Works perfectly, as though nothing is wrong with the screen

I noticed this by enabling the "show touches" feature in developer options.

I have tried all of these without any luck:
- Restarting the device multiple times -
- Tapping and mildly pressing on the screen
- Cleaning the screen, removing all screen protectors
- Recalibrating the touch using a Play Store app

The phone has a mind of its own —*it switches between State A, B, an C.

Two questions
1. What is wrong with the screen?
2. What can I do to fix it?