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PixysOS v4.0.5 [OFFICIAL] [R] Android 11.0 for zuk z2 plus

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    Hey guys,

    This will be last build of PixysOS as my device is not on working state anymore
    I have genuinely enjoyed my four years here Thank you for your support and encouragement during this tenure.
    I learned many things from here .

    Now the time has arrived to move on .
    I hope zukku will see more android versions and nice works So once again thank you so much for all who stood with me in my ups and downs and be safe

    If you have liked my works ; donate me or hit thanks 🙃
    See you all around
    PixysOS 4.0.3 new build up !!


    Sign Tether RROs with default certificate
    Remove obsolete dex settings
    Kernel : merged v4.4.249
    January Security Patch Merged
    Added Call Recording (only for non Gapps Version)
    Fixed device controls
    Fixed ime space
    apn issues should be fixed

    PixysOS 4.0.2 new build Up !!!


    * switched back & Updated CarrierConfig from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-02800-89xx.0
    * kernel: merged 4.4.247
    * Fixed chrome sync
    * Fixed apn reset on reboot
    * December Security Patch Merged
    * Fixed wallpaperpicker crash
    * Updated smart space from redfin
    * Updated gapps
    * Fixed styles resetting after reboot
    * Fixed safetynet
    * Added battery estimates
    * Removed now playing
    * Pad ime_switcher same as navbar
    * minor ui/ux improvements

    Now onwards there will be two builds every month 👇
    1. security patch & fixes (as soon as Google releases sp)
    2. Feature update (mostly 3rd monday every month )

    Download from official site
    PixysOS 4.0.4
    New Build available


    Rom side:

    * February Security Patch Merged
    * Added battery icon customisation
    * Added oos Vowifi icon
    * Volte icon toggle
    * Aggressive battery
    * Lockscreen media art toggle
    * Moved fod anim to standalone package
    * Added lockscreen charging info
    * Added warp charging
    * 4g instead of lte toggle
    * Enabled privacy icons
    * Fixed ok Google detection
    * Fixed hardware attestation
    * Launcher3: added applock
    * Launcher: added kill app
    * Launcher: fixed smart space widget
    * Launcher: improved app drawer ui
    * Launcher: added icon pack
    * Launcher: added toggle for suggestions
    * New default wall
    * Moved ui blur option to display settings
    * Added qs media player toggle in pixyssettings
    * ambient Music ticker
    * Updated Carriersettings
    * increase 5ghz network tolerance
    * Improved ui blur effect
    * Allow to pulse on new music tracks


    * updated all daisy Q blobs from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
    * Updated Graphics stack from LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
    * Fixed deepsleep
    * Updated ims/qmi/ril stack from tissot & LA.UM.9.6.2.r1-03600-89xx.0
    * Fixed bluetooth file transfer issues
    * Updated vendor security patch to 2020-11-05
    * cleaned up many useless packages/blobs
    * Kernel : merged 4.4.250

    Download from official site

    Is there any way to custom button actions ? And turn off suggested apps ? (this last i couldnt find the option on home setting).

    Option to disable homescreen & app drawer suggestions will be added on next build