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Planning to buy a new phone..pls help

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Feb 21, 2011
Jersey City
Hello guys!
I currently have the LG optimus one, and am looking to buy a new phone. Im torn apart between the SE xperia mini pro(not the x10 mini pro) and the Moto Defy.
Ive used my O1 for a year, right from the early days (when mik gave us his 1st touch-bug free kernel). I wont be selling it off though so I'll still be regular on this forum :D

Now Pls help me decide between the 2 phones.

On one hand theres the big screen on the defy and on the other theres the hw keypad and the 1Ghz procy :|

My doubts are:
How do the 2 CPUs and GPUs fare against each other?
Is Defy gonna have much prolonged support since its already over a year old.?


Senior Member
Jan 20, 2011
The Motorola defy looks to be a solid phone with good support so I would get that. I also jumped ship and ordered a MyTouch 4g.

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