Pleasant Surprise/Pixel in court/How To ?

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Dec 23, 2021
First.) To whom it may... ..I was pleasantly surprised after a year of believing my Pixel 2xl was writing over older texts (I could scroll back maybe 9 months but all previous were gone) I found by using the "search text" function, that the Pixel 2xl would still access ALL texts... 3 years back to day one... ..I just needed to use a search word that was used in whatever text I needed to find... ..100's and 100's are still in there... ..somewhere....(?)... So if you may think you've lost them, try using a search word for subject matter you want to retrieve.

Second.) now the IMPORTANT... an 8 year long, contested and contentious court matter has virtually bankrupted me. 7 years ago I was able to hire a local forensics, private investigator type dude to retrieve all texts and certify them as forensically retrieved in a manner that the court accepted as verified original / untampered original signal path. I now need this again but can find no one.

I'm thankful that the judge began to see something was not right with the other party, appointed a mediator to investigate, after 4 years on the case, the mediator's final report to the court should put me over the top and win this case against someone I trusted for over 25 years but embezzled my life's savings, retirement, and falsified documents that leave me owing approx. $200,000 I've never seen or touched. They have been succesful at bleeding me dry with legal expenses to the point that I have to enter this hearing for final judgment by attorney. BUT... If I can retrieve my texts, transfer to having this, along with the report, this should allow me to finally end this nightmare.

---MY QUESTION !! ( and I give my lifelong gratitude in advance to anyone who answers...) do I download/transfer/send/or save text messages to a Win. computer? I'm not able to see what file may hold them. I guess I could screenshot each but trial in in 1 month and would be tough to complete for proper evidence. Ant help will be bigger than you could know.