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Please delete thread moved it to new one.

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Apr 14, 2008
Tucson, AZ
Yeah I got an error too on the second time flashing, I have no clue why it flashed fine for me the first time around, I am looking into the issue now. any error reports you guys can get from your recovery.log will be very helpful.


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Sep 12, 2010
Westbury, NY
Has anyone been able to successfully flash this ROM and it so, what steps did you take? TiA!...EDITED..didn't see your post RoadRAGEN, thanks for looking into it!
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    Link currently not working

    Yep it was removed.

    V2.1 has been released and is available for downloading, hope this has fixed the issues everyone has been having thank you all for the great feedback and helping me with making this a better more stable rom also glad to see the great active community

    also don't forget to visit us on Freenode

    They originally said no and I told the boss I was contacting exsecutive services I guess it scared him and he approved keep in mine I'm a hair dresser my trade. So I can dumb it down one of the girl try to explain to. Me what rooting is I said lamence terms she's said ita like leaving hair color on someones head for too long and there hair fried off I laughed so hard!

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    Look ya'll... I'm new here in this Forum, but, please, in the future, I hope this kind of post doesn't go unnoticed. ^^^^^^^

    (and to the OP of this message, I took the liberty and went ahead and FTFY, based on what I thought you were trying to convey.:)
    They originally said "no", so I told the boss I was contacting excecutive services....

    I guess it scared him, because he approved it.

    (Keep in mind, I'm a hairdresser by trade.)

    So I can "dumb it down". :)

    I asked one of the girls to try and explain to me what "rooting" was (in layman's terms):

    She said :

    "It's like leaving hair color on someones head for too long and making their hair fry off!"

    I laughed so hard!....


    I'm not trying to be a grammar Nazi, or an a-hole, I promise.... I just think that some people need to "post more responsibly" as far as simply conveying a message that everyone can at least understand.

    Please, someone agree with me.

    flash zedo v3 works perfect!

    Actually no your kernel doesn't work perfectly it has way more bugs in it than bubbys does and bubby is more dedicated so that is why I suggest using his kernel, your kernel has the following issues that I have seen people complain about usb mounting issues, no su when you adb shell from recovery. Also this is not a place for you to advertise your kernel.
    Ok OG post is updated with the link to the updated zip file. enjoy guys.