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Aug 8, 2008
Yo baad this did it! all my issues are solved scrol lag in text screen's is gone, fc of sense / media / audio are gone finally the beats sound good again :) super snappy flicks like a mf :)

Thank yo for all ur sweat, tears, fears, anger, time and hard work

HTC Sensation XE sent this


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Dec 12, 2010
Ok, before this gets out of hand..

I just, and only just!, reported it again because of 2 simple reasons:
a. Because HTC for sure is reading this site and stuff
b. It was simply working perfectly in GB with Exchange sync. No problem whatsoever!
c. So it's only directed at HTC do fix this in the end like they did in the past

THAT, and that ONLY is the reason I posted it again ok?

If you read back I never, never complain about Baad's excellent job.

Fair enough. I never said you were complaining about baad's work, but there are enough threads on the forum that explain this issue.

HTC may or may not read this forum, but I am sure they have no control over how Google compress the contact images either...


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Sep 2, 2008


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Jun 7, 2011

don't forget the sound set fc fix...tried to fix prem and wipe dalvik didnt fix it here...

play with snow and dont forget to wear a coat we dont want you to get cold...


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Aug 14, 2011
Thats my akku life:


Just wonderfull.

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    im tired of xda !
    nothing here !
    Here is a stock battery with % and overscroll glow for whom may be interested

    And if that's the case, you can hit the "Thanks" button ;)


    I made other mod, still with the stock battery and the green overscroll, but this one with the battery from the IC 1.6, which numbers are nicer. Choose the one you prefer

    If you would like to have the 1.6 battery style with blue overscroll, you can use this one from Kupfel
    Well I didn't want to step all over Baad's thread and I didn't think anyone else would want it either:eek: but here you go Tmobile fans! This add on will require a full wipe and fresh rom install. I have experienced no ill effects from these edits but your results may vary. If you do experience problems DO NOT bring them to this thread! It isn't my thread and that ain't cool. As always I'm not responsible for your stuff...yada yada yada

    InsertCoin T-Mobile Edition Add-on



    InsertCoin 3.4.2_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    - adjusted agps settings 
    - stock Tmous gps.conf and SuplRootCert
    InsertCoin 3.4.1_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    - more build.prop edits (all US apps should show now e.g. Hulu+, Epix, iOnRoad, ect)
    InsertCoin 3.4.0_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    InsertCoin 3.3.9_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    InsertCoin 3.3.8_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    - keeps "ultra smooth rosie" from IC 3.3.8 release
    InsertCoin 3.3.7_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    - replaced ultra smooth rosie
    - replaced "torch" icon in quicksettings
    InsertCoin 3.3.5_TMOB Edition
    - updated to reflect the new version of InsertCoin
    InsertCoin 3.3.3_TMOB Edition
    - default to North American Settings (for weather, date and time) and English US
    - enabled built-in screen capture
    - enabled always visible status bar in the browser! (now just tap it to leap to the top of the web page) 
    - added T-Mobile "scene" & wallpapers
    - added 4G icons
    - changed device name to display as "HTC Sensation 4G"
    - device now shows as HTC Sensation 4G on the Android Market 
    - some other minor default.xml edits to match T-Mobile USA
    - bootanimation changed to T-Mobile USA's new Android 4G animation (as seen on the Amaze 4G)

    please use the new add on by Baadnews found here:


    hmm. only found tasks too (but that was there earlier :p)

    look for the app in app drawer is called notes if its there and you don't have the widget clear sense data.

    but as i've said in changelog too: Widget has some problems with background due missing resources in fusion.apk (just the same as quickhome you all ***** about) you can use the app without problems (widget works too but looks a bit strange)


    "how about that"
    "would be nice to have that"
    "X rom has this, why yours haven't"

    1. i don't have always the tools make those work (like quickhome widget)
    2. i can't work 24/7 to make the rom you want to show off, i have a day job to put bread on the table and a family too. All this hacks need ****s loads of time and concentration - try diffing 100 000 lines xml and smali line by line for a constant or a value, then you'll understand me
    3. if you have such great demands, please forward them to HTC, you didn't pay me for software you paid htc, and they have sources codes and teams of developers i poke arround decompiled code, when i have 10-20 mins free from work or when i "relax" for a few mins when i'm at home

    and most of all, some people want best from all words, they want it now, and they wanted free, also as a bonus to throw a few battery mods because UOT is just so damn hard to understand.

    Some of you have the customer attitude and i should be honored that you use my work and i should make you happy all the time. WRONG. This is a hobby, you are not paying me for anything, this is not a constitutional right, there is not a contract that we signed i should obey my clauses. You like it you use it, you don't like, go ahead use another rom, there are plenty.

    And don't forget that although I exchange ideas with other devs / chefs / modders / advanced users in the end behind insertcoin roms is only one person - me - who does it in his free time - so do a 2nd grade math and see if one can.

    1 make roms
    2 make hacks
    3.test hacks
    4 offer customer support
    5 make flashable zips

    6. have a job
    7. have a life
    8. time with family

    last though. probably some are under the impression i make **** loads of money from donations and my website. You are wrong. on a good month there are about 150 eur. and i'm more than happy with that and very impressed because those money are DONATED ! funny thing is that the donors are not the ones crying for mods of circle batteries and flashable zips