Please help me about MIUI LANCELOT

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Please help, I need advice about this device and about MIUI of course

I want to ask, my MIUI version is MIUI 12.5.2 (android Q) with UBL, twrp and magisk (rooted) I want to downgrade to MIUI 11.0.3 (default ROM like when I bought this device), what makes me want to downgrade is because stability, I think it's more stable when using MIUI 11. I'm just confused, whether it's a BUG or not, but the proximity sensor activates automatically when we listen to VN (eg from WhatsApp), even though I don't put the cellphone to my ear, and in MIUI 12.5. 3, the problem has been resolved. I am confused, with this statement, should I downgrade to MIUI 11 or stay on MIUI 12, whereas each rom has its pros and cons (MIUI 11 proximity issue, MIUI 12 stability issue)
Any suggestion? Or is there a custom rom suggestion to cover this problem? does the downgrade cause the bootloader to lock?

Thank you


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