Please help me fix my brick Samsung Galaxy Note8

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Jul 23, 2022
Hi everyone. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (the region in Vietnam) is my first smartphone. While using TWRP to install a Rom of Dr.Ketan (, I accidentally chose something wrong (Choosing to go to a Library, then choose Exit... Something like that). After that, my phone turned off, and has these symptoms:
1. It vibrated after I pressed any buttons, or hard press to the screen (in place of the Home screen button). I tried Vol Up+Bixby+Power, but the TWRP didn't show up like it used to.
2. I checked the internet and found a step: Vol Down + Power. It helped my phone screen light up and displayed "Samsung Galaxy Note8 POWERED BY android", and it keeps displaying like that without any changes.
3. I tried to plug the charging cable, but the charging light on the phone didn't respond. Only the screen logo responded as it changes to the charging screen (with no battery % show up). The charging icon is in white color.

I hope someone here can help me fix my phone. Thank you in advance!