Please help, need boot.img with Android 10

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Nov 15, 2021
I have tried multiple times to install TWRP and every time it seems to get overwritten by stock recovery. I've tried everything I can find online. After successfully flashing recovery.img and sending command "fastboot reboot recovery" or command "fastboot reboot 'recovery.img'" it flashes orange for a fraction of a second then vibrates a second time and shows boot logo screen with orange state warning, then either boots to stock recovery, or it boots to the home screen. One person said he was running into the same issue as I was and was only successful by deleting all the partitions on the device and reflashing it. He doesn't remember the steps he used and I would like to avoid even trying to do that anyway.

My only goal is to obtain root on my device, even if I'm using AOSP, as long as it's AOSP Android 10 v222, however I'm having issues trying to build a version of AOSP for this device without being able to find the binaries for it.

With all that being said, my question is if anyone who has the Blu Bold N1 running with the Android 10 update and working TWRP installed could please dump the rom and send it to me or upload it for me somewhere. There is no way I can dump the rom of my own device because I cannot get TWRP to successfully boot, and Blu does not host the Android 10 iso for this phone anywhere.

Alternatively, if someone could find the binaries for this device or knows how to find them, I could successfully build my image of AOSP and obtain root that way. I would rather be on the stock android that comes with the phone, but if I can't root it then I don't care to move to something else.

On an unrelated note, this is the first time I've ever posted on this forum and I apologize if anything I'm asking for or saying goes against the guidelines.


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Jan 13, 2013
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The 3 files attached are:

boot.bin: The contents of the original 'boot' partition.
boot-stripped.bin: Patched with an empty vbmeta image, to allow custom ROM flashing and the like. Generated by:
cp boot.bin boot-stripped.bin
avbtool erase_footer --image boot-stripped.bin
avbtool append_vbmeta_image  --image boot-stripped.bin --partition-size 33554432 --vbmeta_image /path/to/google-empty-vbmeta.img
boot-magisk.img: Pre-patched with Magisk 23 Canary (23016).

These are all from the November 2021 security patch of A10 on the Bold N1.


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