Please Help This Has Ruined My Day. Accidentally Disabled or Deleted (I Don't Know which one)

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Sep 14, 2021
OnePlus 6
Please Help This Has Ruined My Day. Accidentally Disabled or Deleted I Don't Know which one

So I have a OnePlus 6 with Lineage OS, TWRP and Magisk all installed and i was just lookin at apps in App Manager and i accidentally press the same area twice and Disabled or Deleted I don't know and the sceen went black so i rebooted the phone and it says "Android Is Starting" and never fully boots up and I don't know how to fix It without losing my files I tryed to flash the Lineage OS image again but didn't work also I have a password (I Know The Password but can't decrypt my files in TWRP) and I don't want to lose my files, i won't reset the storage without decrypting and backing up my files, also pm command in adb shell does not work it says its "innacessable or not found". Is there a way i can decrypt my files and move them off my phone or a way i can fix this has ruined my day please help if you smart. Also maybe i could Reinstall/Reenable by cangeing some config file or doing something else just help please If someone can help me get my files off of my phone and/or fix it without a reset I would be so happy and you would be a really good person


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