PLEASE i need help this is serious and urgent


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Nov 30, 2018
i will make it quick, my father suicided yesterday 6:30 pm yesterday, and i have the task to figure out if he left a note or something inside the phone, it is a lg g5 with 4gb of ram, it is pattern protected and i cant access the phone, i know i can delete the pattern if i do a hard reset but the data inside the phone it is extremely important for me, also i know that if this phone had installed TWRP already installed i could simply delete the files and get it running again but obviously this is not possible since is a stock phone, non modded and non rooted, any help on how i could get the pattern lock to disapear without losing data would be great


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Jul 30, 2018
First of all, let me say that I'm really sad for what happened. Unfortunately, the only know way to overcome the phone lock is to remove the pattern lock file from recovery. As the phone is not rooted, of course you can't access the memory to delete the file, and even if you could, the stock rom encrypts by default the internal memory. The only data you may save from the phone is the data stored on the MicroSD card, if the phone has one and it was not encrypted (SD encryption is optional). That's what you can do with DIY methods. Considering the relevance of the informations that could be on the phone, it might be worth looking for some reputable company and ask if they can disassemble the phone and extract (somehow) the data; the G5 hasn't received any safety patches since a long time, and maybe some vulnerability could be used to decrypt the data, but I wouldn't be too confident on this chance.