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Aug 13, 2012
How does one apply the butterfly profile in ex kernel manager under the governer options? With the ones butterfly from the nexus thread I would rename the file without an extension apply and it would work? For this do I just select it like so and it works?

BTW I'm using a lg g5 H830 but someone over at the asgard kernel thread said he had great success using this one from the HTC 10 since its the same cpu. Just wasn't sure how to apply it?. He posted on this page https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-g5/development/stock-kernel-t3540157/page71


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    Hey to all,

    im proud to present you now the first pnp tweak that is modded accordingly to the butterfly and ghostpepper mods over from the nexus 5x and 6p forums. And now also to hawktail and glassfish. I tried to find the settings that are working best for our beloved HTC 10. Basically, these are governor profiles, which are trying to always bring the best possible smoothness based on the load, while conserving your precious battery. Consider these an evolution to my previous script method.

    So additionally to the tweaked interactive governor what will I get?

    - no 50fps lock when not touching the Screen
    - more Performance than stock
    - less throttling (hopefully)
    - better battery life, but as we all know this might depend on the user.

    my advice is to try all profiles and choose what suits you best.

    Descriptions of the different profiles:

    A culmination of all strategies, provides smoothest performance of all currently published settings, though battery savings are a little more modest. Excellent for light and moderate users; heavy/marathon users might want to check out a different setting profile as it gets battery intense with heavy usage.

    Uses a quantized, frequency-aligned parametric curve to influence low core clock rates while providing extremely smooth transitions from each clock rate and exceptional battery life. Good for light to medium usage and multitasking.

    A short Explanation of HawkTail. This is the most balanced Profile of all. CPU goes back to idle very fast while still being aggressive enough to not cause stutters.

    Description of GlassFish. Because the Approach is universal and the Profile has a relatively Long Input boost it might not be as advanced as the other profiles.

    I�´d highly recommend to try these values as it gave me a significant boost in battery life. here are screenshots:


    I´d highly recommend to try the new profiles with raised minimum frequencies. I did test it and it doesn´t seem to effect battery life in an unacceptable way. So for me the gains outweigh the little bit of extra power cost.


    Q: Is this the same as the previous scripts?
    A: @ivicask was so kind to tweak the pnp binary for me and integrate my scripts into it. So now there is no need to disable pnp any longer via scripts and it allows me to integrate the values deeper in the system. I tested both, ghostpepper and butterfly, extensively for over a week and they work splendid for me!

    Q: Does this work together with other pnp tweaks like @ivicask ´s?
    A: No. There is only one pnp binary and when flashing one you will loose the other.

    Q: @ivicask ´s mod also has modded thermal config file. i want to use your mod but also use @ivicask ´s thermal config file?
    A: Flash @ivicask ´s mod first and flash mine afterwards.

    Q: What base is this mod for?
    A: This mod will work on base 1.50 and higher.

    Q: Can I use the EX Kernel Manager Scripts that are linked in the explanation?
    A: No these are for nexus phones with different socs (hexa/quadcore)

    Q: What value should I set for the min Performance Level?
    A: You can let it at the Default 60. However if you like to have more Performance 80 is still okay if your device does not overheat.

    Just flash the attached zip and enjoy your phone.
    If you want to go back to stock you also have an option inside the aroma installer.
    If you are not sure whether the mod is applied or not sent me a screenshot from the governor tunables from your kernel app.

    let me know if it brings a little battery boost for you. you may also let me know if you face performance issues or better if it improves your performance.
    Thank you and have fun testing it. :)

    Nougat Download is in the second post!!!



    Changelog PNP Aroma Versions:


    v1: Initital Release


    v1 - Initial Release
    v1_raisedmin - Initital Release with raised minimum frequencies for both clusters

    v2 - tweaked target loads to make it even more battery friendly
    - performance should stay the same

    v3 - raised min frequencies for both Clusters like it is intended on the original Profile
    - tuned a few Things here and there
    - better Video Playback for YouTube and Google Videos


    v1 - Initial release
    v1_raisedmin - Initial release with Minium frequencie for big cores raised like on the original profile
    v2 - made the governor a little bit more aggressive to counter some stutters, increased overall smoothness
    v2_raisedmin - also made the governor a little bit more aggressive, increased overall smoothness


    v1 - Initial release

    thanks to @Alcolawl for the script template
    also thanks to @soniCron for the original thread
    a huge thanks to @ivicask for putting and editing all my values and governor tweaks into the binary and the constant effort from him.
    hey Girls and guys :D

    androidfilehost let me finally upload the new Version.

    There are quite a few new Things here

    - tweaked Migration for big and Little Cluster in general
    - tweaked Migration for big and Little Cluster when launching an app
    - when the phone is idling (while screen is on) the Little cores get limited to 1,2 ghz
    - minor other changes and fixes

    with this Version the big Cluster is used more often. More Tasks are scheduled to be handled by the big Cluster.
    Means basically two Things:
    Performance is increased ( especially apps open really fast now)
    battery life may be a Little bit increased as well because the Tasks get done faster and the phone goes to idle more quickly.

    Special thanks to @Kyuubi10 for testing and confirming this behaviour.

    here is the download link:

    the file can also be found in the Folders from the download link on the first post.

    have a nice day all and have fun testing the new Version.
    Nougat Update Coming

    Hey to all :)

    I hope that I can provide you all soon with an update for nougat. Maybe it will be a little Christmas present.

    Stay tuned and have a nice day :)
    hey guys and Girls :)
    I know it was quite a Long time since i released something new but now I have quite a few Things I worked on.

    First @crescal made me Aware of two new profiles over at the Nexus Forums.
    The first is GlassFish. It should be somewhat universal for all devices. So I did not tweak that much. I did not test it extensively but it seems to work quite well.
    However the Minimum frequency for the big Cluster is raised in the original Profile on the Nexus Forums.
    With my Aroma installer you will have two choices.
    Glassfish has min frequency set to 300mhz for both big and Little cores.
    Glassfish_aggressive has the min frequency for the big Cluster raised to 652mhz just like it is intended on the original Profile.

    HawkTail did Need a few more tweaks for our chip as it is designed for the Nexus 6p. I think I found good settings and it would be great if you can Report back what you get.
    On this Profile, just like on glassfish it is intended to have a raised min frequency for the big cores. So I made two Aroma installers.
    The Default V1 from Hawktail has the min frequencies for both Clusters set to 300mhz.
    The Hawktail_raisedmin zip has the Minimum from both big cores set to 652mhz. I did make testing on this and it seems to have no big Impact on battery life while increasing performace. However be sure to Report back.

    lastly I also updated ghostpepper Profile to v3.
    the new Version has slightly raised Minimum frequencies for both Clusters. I repeat myself but it doesn´t seem to have a negative Impact on battery life while getting good Performance gain. This was also intended on the original ghostpepper Profile from the Nexus Forums. However it did take me quite Long to implement this to the pnp binary.

    please feel free to try everything out and be sure to Report back. :)
    have a nice day all.

    edit: links are up on the first post now

    new ghostpepper version uploaded.

    Ghostpepper V2

    - tweaked target loads to make it even more battery friendly
    - performance should stay the same
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