PocketText 1.54 (27-01-2008) - TV Text viewer (multilanguage)


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Jan 7, 2007
Due the lack of time this project is no longer supported. The 1.6 beta is the last version for PocketPC and is VGA-compatible

Latest version: 1.6 'beta'
Download link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=2792420&postcount=96

Since a while I'm working on a TV Text viewer for my Wizard. Today I finally finished a version which I can show to you.
I developed it because I have an old tv without TV Text support (yes they still exist....ah well I got it for free) (edit: I've got a new tv now :p)

- Support for favorites
- Customizable homepage
- Customizable double tap action. (what to do if you tap twice on a page)
- Mouse gestures for navigating to the previous and next (sub)page.
- Support for multiple tv text sources.

It comes with a default set of favorites (my own :))

1.60 (18-10-2008)
- VGA compatible

1.54 (27-01-2008)
- Last line issue in RAI text fixed

1.53 (23-01-2008)
- Subpages for Czech text fixed
- Subpages for Italian text fixed

1.52 (17-01-2008)
- Remove all favorites option added to the menu on the favorites screen.
- History issue fixed
- Czech encoding fixed

1.51 (16-01-2008)
- Support for SVT Text (Swedish)
- Support for YLE Text (Finish) *
- Support for RAI Text (Italian)
- Support for Czech text*
- New welcomescreen

* Some pages are not displayed correctly yet. I hope I can fix this soon. The Finish tv text has some invalid HTML to parse. :(

1.5 (11-01-2008)
- Support for Swedish text added. Source (Dutch or Swedish) can be changed on the options screen. This is still a beta. Version 1.4 is also still available.

Smartphone version
0.2 (08-04-2008)
- Navigation page fixed
- Screen is now rotated 90 degrees

- Load favorites in separate thread
- Suggestions are welcome

Known issues
- Some text is not displayed correctly. This is caused by the 'text-version' of the website where I'm grabbing the pages from...

See below

See below

System requirements
.NET Compact Framework 2.0


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Jan 7, 2007
a way to see italian text?


useful application!
Can you provide me a textversion of the link?

Very useful! I'm loving it already and I didnt even install it yet :p

I'm trying to be not too demanding, but would it be possible to make RTL Text (http://www.rtl.nl/videotext/rtl4/pag100/01) viewable? :D
This is also an image. I need a text-only version so I can parse it. :)

I need a text-only version instead of an image. This because I parse the page and extract the pagenumbers to detect when a user taps on a pagenumber.

Swedish text is coming soon.

I found a nice website (http://teletext-online.de.vu/) containing a lot of links to tv text sources. Unfortunately a lot of them are not in text-only format and mostly they use Java... :(
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