POCO F1 Screen Retention/Ghosting Image on custom ROM/Kernel [FIX]

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Thanks OP, this just made my day.
The ghosting was intense for me and couldn't use the phone at night. Now it's fine ( was about to change display ).

Also this issue is not exclusive to custom Roms/Kernels.
I've seen this on MIUI with redmi note 4, have to shift colours and check on it.

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    1.Some users (like me) must have faced issue of screen ghosting or retention in which if the device is used at max brightness, they see a ghosted image on sides of their phone. (Especially visible when switching from a light theme to dark, for eg, going in chrome incognito mode you will see it)
    2.Usually it happens after flashing a custom ROM or kernel.

    Method 1:
    1. In case if its a custom ROM, go to Settings > Display > LiveDisplay
    2. Set the Color Profile to ‘Standard'.
    3. Go to color calibration setting and set the following values:
    Red at 90%
    Green at 90%
    Blue at 90%.
    4. Keep the display screen of for some time (15 min) and boom! Issue solved.
    [Note: Max brightness may feel a little less than before but its still better, you will get used to it]

    Method 2:
    1.In case you have a custom kernel, you can refer to other threads or manually set the values of Red, Green and Blue by yourself by using a ‘Kernel Manager App'.
    Just keep it at minimum than its original values.

    This issue is NOT a hardware issue, its a software issue that can be fixed by implementation of any following methods.

    I got through some other threads of Redmi having same issue. Just the difference is in the settings I used, you can customize it as per your own will BUT make sure that the ghosting does not appear by use of that setting. If successful, you may replay :eek:
    It is not software issue, but the low hardware quality I presume
    I agree. Screen Retention or Ghosting is mostly present on other devices (I'm not talking about the Pocophone alone but on every other devices) and can be fixed via software implementations or updates. Changing color profile and/or color settings can be a solution too.
    Is it a s/w or h/w issue and if i install custom ROM(pixel experience) will that help

    This is a hardware problem, i tried everything and failed so i got original lcd folder replaced from the service center and now no screen retention.