Poco F2 pro, Wi-Fi and mobile networks lost

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Aug 29, 2008
Hello friends, i'm from Peru nice to meet you all, i'm looking for help maybe some of you could give some advice, i have a POCO F2 pro, everything was working well but 2 days ago I restarted my phone and when it started the system I was surprised that I had lost the wifi network and the mobile network too, so I had no way to access the internet, I tried everything but I could not get the networks back , so I decided to do a factory reset, since I did not have internet I could not disable my mi account, I assumed that everything would be solved when I did the format, but nothing has been solved and the phone is blocked in the activation window and because i do not have any network I can not pass the activation even though I have all the information of my account, since then I have been reading a lot and decided to flash the persist partition, but as you already know by fastboot it is protected and by edl I need an authorized account or the modified firehose file which does not exist for the poco f2, which is why I think my only option is to flash it by orangefox but I don't know if it already has support for the poco f2, I will be infinitely grateful for any advice What can you give me, thank you very much in advance.


Sep 14, 2012
If you had the same problem as mine, you need to have your CPU reballed.

My phone was unable to connect to wifi and PC, though it was still charging, but then became dead after a while