poco m3 does not turn on anymore

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Jul 18, 2015
I don't think software update can fix that. EDL is booted straight from PBL it does not even pass SBL or XBL

so I let drain battery by holding vol down + power with hair tie for three days. it left EDL mode when battery died, and low battery icon is displayed.

From this state I somehow managed to enter fastboot mode by only holding vol down with hair tie + connecting usb to PC (low charging 500mA)

once in fastboot mode I installed android_winusb.inf and booted from fastboot.exe

fastboot continue

Now I won't update or reboot ever and keep battery charged between 20% - 80%
Hello everyone! Thanks a bunch! This is the only method that worked. However, I did it slightly differently. Since it wouldn't boot in fastboot mode while was connected to my laptop, when it started charging I connected it to the charger and let it charge 2%. After I pushed down power and volume down and it triggered fast boot mode. Then I connected it to the laptop and used "fastboot continue command". Ther is also a small software tool that's called XiaomiADBFastbootTools, it's more user-friendly than cmd from platform-tools..

You saved me! Now I can retrieve all my personal files, charge it 100% and return it to the store after I forcibly induce a deadboot and use the warranty to fix it.

What a waste of time. My trust in Poco has left to never come back, since the phone is from a May 2021 batch, and they still made it and sold it knowing it has this fatal flaw.

Thanks again for this post and my special thanks to @Alecxs.


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Jul 9, 2011
Incredible, i've tried everyday to turn on the phone and today it's start alone..

I've plug the charger then it show battery then i saw the phone booting by itself
I don't know how but i'll try to not turning off

Now i've got a question i'm on firmware 12.5.4 and the latest is 12.5.5
Do you think i can update or it will black screen again ?
I think i also can't reboot it ?

No warranty because i bought it on aliexpress
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Jun 25, 2022
At first, many thought that their phone had run out of power due to this problem, but according to users, their device had enough charge before the process began, and after the process, even before the shutdown, their phone was connected to the charger. have been. Even after turning off, users have reconnected their phone to charging, but this problem has not been fixed.
Solve the problem of Poco M3 not turning on (method one)
According to Techtrends.news, to solve the problem of not turning on their Xiaomi Poco M3, many users first put it in Fastboot mode and from there, booted it back into the operating system. To do this, follow these steps in order.

To get started, your phone must be turned off first. Since your phone is currently turned off due to some update issues, press the power button plus the volume down key together to fast boot it and hold them for 4 to 5 seconds. Doing so will put your phone in fast boot mode.

In this step, in order to be able to turn your phone from fast boot mode to operating system, you have to press the volume down and power button again and hold them for a few seconds. This will take your device out of fast boot mode and return to operating system mode.

Try this first method to solve the problem of turning on Poco M3. Some users have solved this problem by doing this method, but if this way your phone does not return to normal, try the other methods that we introduce to you.

The Second and final solution to this problem is that you have to drain your battery completely. To do this, set aside your phone so that its battery level drops to zero percent and turns off.


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Jul 1, 2022
it has heat sink problem, if you leave it to drain ,it may work after 2-3 daysor else u can remove that capacitors and place it again.

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    permanent and ultimate fix. just remove shield
    then reassemble phone

    * There is no isolation ( inner side of shield)
    To prevent contact between capacitor and shield then we can isolate it or just removing that shield

    Just do it with edl (Qualcomm 9008) condition (your pc will detect it when installing that driver in device manager ports)

    After that all if any problem persistent connect with my WhatsApp i will answer

    any questions? connect with my WhatsApp
    i will tell details
    - CONFIRMED! -

    I was little suspicious about @sarabbafrani advice, but it actually worked!

    My Poco M3 went nuts after shutting down the alarm clock, only few symbols visible on the screen but otherwise totally unusable. I was able to power up the screen or shut it down but couldn't access the phone software. Only option was to reboot or shutdown with power button.

    After reboot, the phone went totally dead. Couldn't boot up, not with long press power or power + volume up (or down). Plugging in the charger didn't do anything, no vibrations, nothing.

    I did that phone disassembly, remove battery connector, push power button and plug battery again = normal boot. After this happened about 3 times within a month, I decided to try sarabbafrani solution.

    Tear down the phone, remove plastic main board cover, took all 3 cameras away, disconnected antenna and took the main board away.

    I had only hot air gun and decided to cover other parts with aluminium foil. First, I tried speed 1, but no success. Then full power, 5-10 sec blowing 10cm distance, firm grip with pliers and heat shield was out. It almost fell down. Do not use excessive force!

    After cooling down I put motherboard back in and tried that same procedure with power button + battery cable in = nothing :( I thought I fried the whole thing. But when I plugged in the charger it showed the Poco logo and battery level - that's new. Decided to put everything back together.

    It required a long press for power button and the phone started normally! I even did a software restart and it started normally. Charging works also normally.

    I've been using it now only for few hours but hopefully the fix is permanent.


    If the draining battery method worked for you, you should do the mentioned fix...
    Otherwise the deadboot can happen anytime again. Worst case, in between an update or something like that.
    It depends on distance between shield and capacitor
    In some cases these two contacted all times
    In other cases if main board gets warm then capacitor connects to shield it will gets warmer and more battery usage
    I didn't have a soldering station or a heat gun available and since the alternative was to throw everything in the garbage, I removed the shield in a somewhat barbaric way. I took a fixed screwdriver with a wide tip and inserted it in the middle and with a little pressure the shield came off
    🤦🤦🤦 Do not attack in this way
    I should tell it for all owners
    1.Take off all cameras 2. Be careful about plastic parts 3. Cover all other parts from heating 4. Carefully heat that ic shield about 380-400°C 5. Carefully picking up vertically with Tweezers (be careful for shaking , pcb is hot with parts under shield ic and caps)
    Heat untill shield base solder gets weaker
    Pick it up without force because pcb ways may broken and affects on mobile network amplifier
    You can test mobile network with this code
    *#*#4636#*#* gsm only lte only and wcdma only
    Image attached, pcb damage after removing shield cold
    permanent and ultimate fix. just remove shield
    then reassemble phone
    any questions? connect with my WhatsApp
    i will tell details
    Thnx my Poco M3 is now able to restart even shutdown. It always Boot.
    FIX , FIX, FIX. My poco m3 stopped booting up/recovery/bootloader. Tried disconnecting battery connector, display connector, reheating but nothing worked permanent. Only solution was to wait for the battery to drain after which charge it enough to boot it. That worked but i couldn`t use recovery or bootloader until battery discharged and then booted it to recovery/bootloader as first boot. I contacted my friend from whom i bought the device from. He said its possibly due to some short circuit and all i had to do was clean the charging port (where the charger is connected) and the ear phone plug port with a tooth brush (bristles of tooth brush should be straight) dipped in 3-4 drops of petrol. At the time my phone was dead and was waiting for the battery to drain. However i followed my friends instructions and cleaned the charging and ear phone ports. After allowing the ports to dry i tried to boot the phone. It didn`t boot remaining dead. I had to wait a day+ for the battery to drain. I then charged it until it booted. I then tried to reboot it into bootloader and it WORKED. I treid recovery and it WORKED. Now AlhamdoLILLAH my phone is good as new except the marks on the cover made when i removed the cover. Try your luck Gentlemen.