POCO X3 NFC proximity sensor issue. During calls, screen does not light when the phone away from my ear.

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    There are a lot of people who are facing this issue with the Poco NFC. There are usually 3 problems and you need to try all of them.

    1: Hardware issue : Cannot be fixed in software and requires device replacement in warranty.

    2: Screen Guard that's dirty or too large covering the sensor area.

    3: A bug in the software that can be fixed with a factory reset.

    The proximity sensor is located on the top left of the camera punch hole near the LED light. So make sure nothing is clogged in that area or the screen guard is not scratched or covering that area. You will be able to see the sensor if it's working if you make a call and point another camera at it and notice a blinking light. I'm hoping it's just dirt or debris and that you don't have to get a device replacement.
    The problem is the new miui update, the new firmware/vendor is somehow broken (indeed if you go on custom ROM the bug will still be there), to fix it i went back to MIUI via fastboot (just to assure being clean, i don't know if the problem is in vendor or firmware)

    edit: i did some tests and miui is 100% safe till, the only one broken is so if you are having problems flash via fastboot the previous one and stay with it or go to custom rom (with or older firmware/vendor)
    Recalibrate proximity sensor.
    1. open settings
    2. click all specs
    3. click Kernel Version 3 milion times
    4. CIT menu will open.
    5. click three dots top right corner
    6. click additional tools
    7. select option nr.10 proximity sensor
    8. click calibrate.
    9 go back to CIT
    10. Select option nr. 15 proximity sensor to test
    Alright you seem to be confident your problem is a "software" problem even though all the software remedies suggested to you haven't worked. Mind you, these remedies are coming from people who have the same phone as you and are on the same firmware as you.

    In fact regardless of your region, since the date you posted, there have been two more system updates and your problem still isn't solved.

    RMA your device or flash custom ROM.
    If not you can still continue to believe it's a software problem till your warranty expires.

    why should it be an hardware issue when it's clear that the bug came with a software update? so we all have a faulty proximity sensor? it's full of people having this problem... we just downgraded to firmware and all it's solved, custom rom it's not the solution, downgrading the firmware is... then you can do what you want (installing a custom rom too)