Question POCO X4 Pro 5G AMOLED screen shows some bright spots on dark/black images.

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Dec 26, 2022
Use Oreo Colorizer Download It On Apk Mirror I've Had The Same Issues As You All Using Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G It's A Software Issue As That Uneven Blacks And Whites Are Not Present On MIUI Boot Up Screen. If you use oreo Colorizer will temporarily fix your issue till miui fixes it with software update. Use Oreo Colorizer If you do not play games as it somehow sacrifices fps when playing battery backup might drain a bit as well based on self usage of the app. give it a try and use it if you want to preserve your screen.


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Jan 22, 2023
Yes all of them are Poco x4 pro and i got them in Lebanon from a retailer he told me that this issue is not under warranty ...
I will unlock bootloader and try custom roms and eu rom to see if this could help by any chance ...
Maybe they are using a very cheap amoled display or it is really a huge software issue ..
Is your phone a global one btw ??
Did you try a custom rom or eu rom ??
I am afraid that this issue will get bigger and the screen is going to break or something ..
Btw why there is no gamut wide p3 option in the settings ??
Did you tried EU but still present? or any fix?

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    Hello everyone! I just got my POCO X4 Pro 5G phone yesterday. I absolutely love using it to bits.
    However, I noticed that while browsing through content on medium (40 - 50%) brightness, the phone does not actually go fully dark. Some parts are lit up while others are not. (On dark videos and imagery, it is noticeable enough to really bother me even on just my first day of use.)
    To elaborate on my point, I have downloaded a completely black picture and displayed it on my phone.

    I have attached the photos below.

    Setup. (This is the phone displaying a completely black image on my gallery)

    Lights off (Captured on my Samsung A50 normal mode)

    Lights off (Captured on Night Mode)

    I have tried to capture it on video, but it is simply not visible enough on video to be worth your time. You'll simply have to trust that I indeed downloaded a completely black image and displayed it on my gallery. (I wouldn't be posting here for no reason if I was lying, wouldn't I?)

    Anyway, it is worth noting that on both higher (60-70%) and lowest (0-10%) brightness, the issue disappears completely (e.g. the screen completely shuts off as expected.) but then some of it return on maximum brightness.

    Now I can definitely use the screen all the time on these settings, but I also want to ensure the longevity of my AMOLED screen, and it would suck to always be watching content on effectively only two brightness settings.

    I have tried using AMOLED Fixer apps on Google Play but to no avail.

    Does anyone else have this issue? Do you think it is fixable through software? Should I return the phone to POCO before it's too late?

    Thank you for any responses in advance.
    Guys, try this app called Oreo colorizer. This solves the issue.

    It forces the display to shift its color space to DCI-P3 instead of the default sRGB according to the below XDA thread.

    So the issue is software related. NOT HARDWARE. Hope Xiaomi solves this issue by software update.

    Just disable 120hz and it goes back to showing pure blacks.
    Absolutely NOT true.
    ... At least in my case
    I am not able to reproduce this on my device. I've tried all brightness levels, no weird spots on my end. Maybe you should RMA your device. But let's wait and see if anyone else is having this issue.