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Poor camera composition of HDR images

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Recognized Developer
Feb 20, 2007
I have OnePlus 7 for exactly one week, use the stock camera on auto with default settings and took under 20 pictures. Even though I take images in bright summer light and my daughters are in little to no move, I often end up with these poor artifacts.

I will try switching HDR off. Any other suggestion (except trying GCam)? Does anyone else experience something like that? (Am I using it wrong? I had no issues with Samsung Galaxy S7.)


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Mar 5, 2007
Have similar issues. Portrait mode comes out with artifacts as well. Stock cam sucks despite what everyone else says. Not sure if the OP7pro's cam is as bad.

I think OP needs to put more effort into marketing the OP7 globally (not just the pro) and improving the cam. I am very disappointed.

Have just installed GCam to try. Hopefully it is better.
Mar 10, 2014
HDR is and never will be made for super low shutter speeds.

As I reckon these kids are moving quickly there is simply not enough time for the phone to quickly burst shoot and merge those 5 or so pictures for HDR

Just my guess. Try holding your phone still and shoot a static object and see if these problems persist


Recognized Developer
Feb 20, 2007
The attached pictures were taken with shutter speeds of 1/50 to 1/450 sec and on Oxygen OS 9.5.5. I'm now on 9.5.6 but I still experience issues with HDR so I keep it off.

The thing is that with Samsung (S7), only really low shutter speeds of around 1/10 s and low light caused issues - but then objects were blurred, which is what I expect. Not weird artifacts like the samples.

I basically never have enough time to play with settings so I only use auto.