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Poor s888 implementation ruins S21 ?

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Jul 31, 2015
Was planning to upgrade s20 w/s865 to s21 w/s888 but reviews of the s21 end up pointing to a notably worse overall product. Expected s888 speed / efficiency / image pipeline improvements and improved software support to make up for hardware feature cuts - especially given how much qualcomm has hyped this new s888 soc but...

(1) poor s888 implementation on s21 appears to only offer ~15% speed boost

(2) poor s888 efficiency appears to negate power savings from integrated modem and variable refresh rate screen (samsung 5nm < tsmc 5nm?)

(3) poor s888 isp / software integration appears to result in zero significant photo / video quality improvements

Am I missing something? Was s888 implementation on s21 just rushed out the door and will look less awful after software updates? (FWIW S21 w/e2100 looks like a huge upgrade over s20 w/e990).