[PORT][02072016][Ver 2.67] ColorOS Camera for KK/LP/MM

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Aug 1, 2017
Front Camera not working

Hello all,
Thank you for supporting this app.

Just flashed the app (ZIP via TWRP).
It was running fine, until I switched to front camera, then it closed.
Since then the app won't open at all, and just says: "Camera has stopped".
I have a OnePlus One on LineageOS 14.1

Any ideas?



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Mar 10, 2013
Hello all,
Thank you for supporting this app.

Just flashed the app (ZIP via TWRP).
It was running fine, until I switched to front camera, then it closed.
Since then the app won't open at all, and just says: "Camera has stopped".
I have a OnePlus One on LineageOS 14.1

Any ideas?



1. Read.. (Common problem with the nougat ROMs that actually work with this app)
2. Clear app data/cache ( this app only, not all apps)
3. Use another app for front camera shots..
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Mar 31, 2013
Sorry for my english the first. The panoramic mode does not work on my xiaomi with miui There is something solution?

Enviado desde mi Redmi Note 3 mediante Tapatalk

Lokifish Marz

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Mar 13, 2011
Olympus Mons, Mars
Jgcaap's MM build has nearly all plugin's working.. The Stock cm needs a patch, its in this thread as well..

So stock firmware will work but one has to flash the "manual focus" HAL patch in the OP for superzoom to work? Okay, I didn't bother to install the patch in the OP because superzoom is the only function I wanted.


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Mar 10, 2013


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Mar 19, 2012
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Mar 10, 2013
Hello @Setting.Out

I'm on Omni Rom 7.1.2 from here..
and was hoping for Color cam 2.67 to work.
I read about front camera not working on Android N,
but here I'm unable to use the plugins like Picture Plus and Ultra HD as with these plugins, after taking picture it just keeps loading/processing.

Is there any fix for that?
Or it's normal on Omni also?

Thanks for the support.
While Omni N uses "colorOS" blobs, the results aren't the same as in Marshmallow.. I too found this compatibility problem, but don't know how to fix it.. :(

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    Color OS Camera​
    So i've seen many of you guys requesting ColorOS camera port for CM11s/12 (They tell it has better quality). Here comes ported camera apk for CM11s/COS12. This is initial version and support only image capture, everything else like burst mode/ video recording are still broken (most things work now :good:). This is still work in progress project so those will be fixed later. I'm final year student so i don't have much free time so be patient. This mod contains various custom implementation (including workarounds) so i cannot guarantee complete functionality.

    • Most plug ins working (50MP etc)
    • Working 4k recording with pause/resume support, HDR Recording, SlowMotion recording
    • Saturation,ISO etc settings
    • Hold camera shutter for burst mode
    • Hold on viewfinder to lock AE/AF
    • Tracking focus
    • No Root Required
    • See change log

    How to Install:
    • Install as normal APK :D
    • Install plug ins as normal APK
    • Open Camera -> Open Plug in menu and enable installed plug ins if they're not shown

    • 02072016 --> Ver 2.67
      • Fixed 4kUHD and 4kDCI recording for Android 6.0 - Marshmallow
      • Added support for Omni ROM (also for all other forks which identifies OPO as 'find7op')
    • 11102015 --> Ver 2.66
      • Fixed Mirrored Selfie Shot function
    • 10182015 --> Ver 2.65
      • Allows user to close current mode by clicking on "X" (like OppoCamera from R7)
      • Enabled brightness slider on focus indicator (& tweaked it a bit)
    • 06192015 --> Ver 2.6
      • OTA update checker for plug ins
      • Fixed Touch to Track focus
      • Added toggle for HSR (High speed recording). Only for supported Camera HAL (as per request from one friend)
      • Add option to select JPEG quality
      • Allow user to save current mode for next launch
      • Performance improvements, Memory leak fix
    • 06302015 --> Ver 2.5
      • Upstream changes from ColorOS beta 2.1.1
      • Fix: Camera sometimes looses focus before image capture when manual focus is used(fixes issue with Professional Plug ins also)
      • UI: Add transparent UI (with toggle)
      • Settings: Move video resolution setting to top bar
      • Add Gallery Hack option (This will forcefully use GalleryNext/Gallery3D for preview for those who are unable to set default Image viewer. Enable only if necessary)
      • UI: Update Camera Icon (Some material love)
      • Fix: Brightness toggle bug
      • OTA: Do not send any info to servers
      • Lots of bugfixes/improvements
    • 06192015 --> Ver 2.26
      • Added Manual Focus Gesture toggle (to keep compatibility with non rooted devices with unmodified HAL)
      • Minor bug fixes
    • 06182015 --> Ver 2.25
      • Fix: Manual Focus Gesture interfering with pinch to zoom
      • Increase inactivity timeout from 1 -> 5 Minutes
    • 06122015 --> Ver 2.2
      • Add Manual Focus Gesture. Draw circle on preview screen to adjust Focus (clockwise/anti-clockwise = +/-). This applies to all modes including video recording. Read more here. Patched HAL required (See download section)
      • Fix screen brightness toggle bug
      • Update Hebrew translation (thanks to @dors1234)
      • Some minor fixes
    • 05302015 --> Ver 2.1
      • Fixed camera becomes bugged after recording 4k video (the most miscellaneous bug i've ever encountered :p)
      • Fixed save to external storage option (thanks to @shadow25 and @escartin for testing)
      • Fixed pixelated videos being recorded when app is launched from third party apps (i.e whatsapp etc.)
      • Live screen brightness toggle (now don't need to exit camera app in order for changes to take effect)
      • Added Hebrew translations (thanks to @dors1234)
    • 05232015 --> Ver 2.0
      • Re based app to latest release of Color OS (2.1 beta - Android 5.0)
      • Fixed 4k DCI recording for CM12.1
      • Save to external SD card option (NOT TESTED)
    • 03192015 --> Ver 1.8
      • Fixed 4k recording on CM12/ COS12
      • Added 4kdci recording
    • 03192015 --> Ver 1.7
      • Can take up to 50 (burst) shots while holding shutter button
      • Burst shots are stored into separate folder now (DCIM/CShot/<timestamp>)
      • Various misc changes to improve stability and improve performance
    • 03052015 --> Ver 1.61
      • Crash fix
      • Fixed: All Main camera plug ins are available for front cam also
    • 03052015 --> Ver 1.6
      • Allows plug ins to be re arranged (tap and hold to enter edit mode)
      • Removed voice shot feature (As it'll not work without Oppo's voice services)
    • 02282015 --> Ver 1.5
      • Added toggle for Continuous Auto Focus mode for video recording (off by default)
      • Modified focus behavior at starting point in video recording. Now camera won't auto focus at start up. That means focus from camera mode will be used when video recording is started.
      • Enabled Tracking engine (use 'V' gesture to use it)
      • File name formats are same as stock now
      • Disabled Blur background in settings page
      • Reduced memory usage :p
    • 02252015 --> RC 1
    • 02222015 --> Beta 4
      • Brightness Toggle :laugh:
      • Video Quality improvement (now bit rate is same as stock camera app)
      • Now app is shown in full screen and probably focus issues are fixed (not tested, thanks @infinityplus)
    • 02212015 --> Beta 3
      • Fixed 5 Plug in Limit :good: (Now you can install as many plug ins as you wish)
      • No need to clear data after plug in installation
    • 02172015 --> Beta 2
      • Issues with Gallery fixed (tapping also works now :good:)
    • 02162015 --> Beta 1 (Update 2)
      • Added Plug ins (thanks to @infinityplus and @andriman)
    • 02142015 --> Beta 1
      • Fixed Video Recording
      • Fixed Burst mode
      • Added some manual camera controls
    • 02142015 --> Initial Release

    If you're using Kitkat based ROM, download version 1.8. Version 1.8 is last version for Kitkat (Although latest versions will also work, but i don't guarantee complete functionality)
    Read more about plug ins here

    • Not compatible with ART on CM11 (works fine on CM12 though)

    Thanks to @deepak112358 (@infinityplus) for providing me required files and plug ins and thanks to @andriman for providing plugins...:good:

    Tutorials, Tips:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ColorOS Camera Port, Device Specific App for the OnePlus One


    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2015-02-14
    Last Updated 2016-02-07
    Update...Marshmallow is here

    Version 2.67:
    • Fixed 4kDCI & 4KUHD video recording on Marshmallow
    • Added support for ROMs which identifies OPO as 'find7op'

    Sorry for late update, but i'm kinda too much busy :). In this version, i have only fixed broken video modes on MM. Please point me out if anything is still broken on MM, because i don't have time to read pile of pages :p.

    About my future plans, i'm thinking about modifying Oxygen OS 2.0 as i liked it's smoothness and vanila nature. But i'm only disappointed with camera part on it. OP has used vanila HAL even without tuning sensor. They didn't bother using qcom'
    s proprietary imglibs, which makes huge difference. So i'll think about it.


    Version 1.7 Released:
    • Can take up to 50 (burst) shots while holding shutter button
    • Burst shots are stored into separate folder now (DCIM/CShot/<timestamp>)
    • Various misc changes to improve stability and improve performance

    Even though these changes look minor it took 2 days to debug and understand :fingers-crossed:

    About manual focus slider, our binaries support it but our framework don't have support for it (Why...CM???) so it will not work. We just need to add keys into framework but it will need to deodex whole framework then patch framework which will cause lots of hassle. so i'm not working on it anymore.

    Those who are facing problems with beautify plug in, there are two versions floating around here. One has problem with preview (blank screen) so if you find such problem try finding new version

    Since i have fond way to hook into plug ins via Xposed, debugging them is much easier now. So i'm thinking to implement multi threading or similar into HD Camera to make it capture images faster.

    I also added link to previous version of this app. Check Download section for links.

    And sorry for not replying these days because i'm seriously very much busy now a days.
    Sorry for late update...

    Version 2.65:
    • User can close current mode by clicking "X"
    • Enabled brightness slider on focus indicator (&tweaked it a bit)
    • User can close current mode by clicking "X"
      Just like Camera Application from Oppo R7, you can click on "X" button on top to quickly return to normal mode. I found it very helpful so i included this feature. Due to lack of time, there are some bugs like button will malfunction after switching camera. But it won't affect user experience (and i'm not sure when i'll get time to fix it) so i have included it.​
    • Enabled brightness slider on focus indicator:
      You can easily adjust brightness by this slider after focusing. I just made it more responsive.​

    I've decided not to switch to Camera Application from R7. This may be disappointing for some users but I personally don't like new interface. And also, its hard to enter settings page, unnecessary separation of Camera/Video mode & using CAF in video mode (which causes visual artifacts on our device). So i'll keep updating the older application. Of course i'll back port some interesting features.

    So it has been a long time (its almost 2 months since i logged on xda :rolleyes:). Actually my life is a bit fu*ked up at the moment so its hard to get some time. I really have some good ideas to implement but i can't do that right now, so please be patient till i fix up my life.

    Because of above reason, there won't be any new update in near future. I did this changes soon after releasing last version but i was waiting for some more changes to bundle with next update. So i thought its better to share it now. I'm not abandoning this project, i'm just suspending it till i solve my personal issues.

    And, thanks for your support...:good:

    Version 2.66:
    • Fixed Mirrored Self Shot functionality
    • Fixed Mirrored Self Shot functionality
      This will flip images take by front camera vertically so that it looks same as the preview . Note that thumbnail will show flipped image but saved image will be in proper orientation. To enable this feature, just enable Mirrored SelfShot function under settings.​
    So its festival season in here & i'll have to take some selfies (which i don't like :silly:). Flipped selfies always irritates me so i finally decided to get rid of it :silly:

    And yeah Happy Diwali to you all...(in advance :laugh:)