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Port display settings from stock firmware to slimbox

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Jan 24, 2021
Hey guys, my TX5 plus stock firmware has some great display settings (adaptive HDR) that I want to port to the slimbox firmware I am using. I tried to reverse engineer the firmwares using xvortex's firmware kitchen and apk easy tool and here is what I learned.
TX5 plus stock: display settings is in DroidTvSettings.apk in vendor partition, it support adaptive HDR which I really like (this is the feature I want to port).
Slimbox: display settings is in TvSettings.apk in system partition.
I tried to edit .smali files and .xml files in TvSettings.apk in slimbox based on the contents of DroidTvSettings.apk, but the HDR setting always crashes the setting app after I click it. Any thoughts?


  • DroidTvSettings.apk
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  • TvSettings.apk
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