[PORT] [JB][KK] Xperia Z2 & T2 Smart Social Camera With Addons

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Dec 31, 2014
Is it possible to install this Xperia Camera App on Xperia V with CM12 onboard (CM12 dont have CWM recovery)?

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    Hello Friends I Ported Xperia Z2 & T2 Smart Social Camera With Addons Creative Effects For Sony Xperia Phones Running JB 4.3+ Like Xperia Z1,Z,Z Ultra ZR,V,SP,TX etc.
    Portrait Retouch With Smooth Experiance For Xperia JB 4.1+ Phones Like Xperia ZR,Z1 Compact,ZU,SP,V,Z,L,M,TX etc.
    Super Video Camera (Timeshift Video,4K Video) With Launch Icon For Xperia JB 4.3+ Like Xperia Z1,ZR etc.
    Timeshift Burst For Xperia JB 4.1+
    Info-eye™ 1.3.07 For Xperia JB 4.1+
    AR Effect 2.0.8 For Xperia JB 4.1+
    Background Defocus 1.1.14 For All Sony Xperia Smart Social Camera Installed Phones Like Xperia Z,Z1,Z Ultra,V,TX.SP,M,L,ZR etc. Running JellyBean,KitKat I Hope Everyone Like & Enjoy It.










    Creative Effect
    Use the extended wide selection of creative effects in your photos and videos; change colours, add image trails or apply mirror effects.
    Portrait Retouch
    style your close-ups Make your subjects more photogenic than ever before. This fun app will let you apply different styles to your portrait – and you can check the change in real time, before capturing the shot.
    Timeshift video
    Our new Timeshift video mode captures high speed clips at 120 frames per second. Use the intuitive Timeshift video editor to select and slow down one or multiple sections of your clip.
    Timeshift burst
    This intelligent app lets you capture 61 frames within just 2 seconds – starting even before you press the shutter. Scroll back and forth to select the perfect image, or feel free to keep them all.
    Photograph an object and Info-eye™ will instantly give you all the relevant information you need, right through your camera viewfinder.
    AR Effect
    Switch your camera to AR Effect mode and add fun animations to your photos and videos. Ranging from dinosaurs to ocean-life, these fully customisable themes can be easily edited.
    Background Defocus
    Create a blurred out background or foreground. Background Defocus simulates a shallow depth of field, capturing two image planes at different focus settings and allowing you to merge the different depths.

    Download Link Is On 2nd Post
    Screenshots On 3rd Post

    Thanks To DooMLoRD For XperiaZ2 System Dump

    Cheers ;) U Can Post Screenshots Too & I'll Add To This Thread
    If U Like My Work Dont Forgot To Press Thanks Button

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [PORT] [JB][KK] Xperia Z2 & T2 Smart Social Camera With Addons , a App for the No Device


    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: Final
    Stable Release Date: 2014-03-02

    Created 2014-03-02
    Last Updated 2014-03-30
    Smart Social Camera Xperia Z2 & T2 Download Here For JB 4.3 https://www.mediafire.com/?jr32p200duozmkx
    For Kitkat Smart Social Camera Xperia Z2 Here https://www.mediafire.com/?k1bmvgk76fsxam1

    Vine Download Here https://www.mediafire.com/?suswsjbthk4882t

    Here U Can Download Creative Effect XperiaZ2
    New Version
    Previous Version
    Flash Via CWM or Manually Move To System

    Latest AR Effect 2.0.8, Background Defocus 1.1.14, Movie Creator 1.1.A.0.4 For JB 4.1+ Download Here https://www.mediafire.com/?84k7r1q275any8w

    Portrait Retouch https://www.mediafire.com/?85eoa92tdkckth9 Flash Via CWM Or Install Both apk ;)

    AR Effect Install Normally Or Move This apk To System/app If U Are On 4.3 ;)
    New Version 2.0.7 http://www.mediafire.com/download/nsd7v4phnv2p1ao/newarffect.apk

    If You Are Using 4.1.2 & 4.2.2 Then First Install My Smart Social Camera Xperia Z1 Compact Then Just Install AR Effect Or Move To System/app :)

    Super Video Camera(Timeshift Video,4K Video) New Version on 6th Link Move This apk To System/app & Copy Libs From 4th Link To System/lib ;)

    Info-eye™ https://www.mediafire.com/?9r35mpxwed6jabp

    Timeshift Burst Download 7th apk

    Xperia Z2 Somc Camera Widget Download 3rd apk

    Background Defocus XperiaZ2 New 1.1.11 Version 5th link & 1.1.7 version 1st link Move This apk To System/app & If Your Phone Is Not Rooted Yet Download 2nd apk ;)
    Permission to upload compiled zip: Granted.! :D
    Thanks to xperiaz2.!
    Here is my previous message quoted:
    I made a flashable zip containing the latest: (All of them belong to xperiaz2 !!! He ported them, thank him for the apps!! - I just created a flashable zip with all of them in one place so you can easily install them )
    Superuser mod *(for .757 only) special thanks to @MysticEnforcer for uploading his modded service.jar
    AR_Effects new
    Editor for portrait retouch
    Creative Camera
    Timeshift Video
    4K SuperVideo + libs (currently not working) .
    +++Just ADDED: Vine
    Uploading files to mediafire right now. Will be back with the link.
    NOTE: These ports work only in Sony stock ROMs
    File is UP for the .757 and the .681 now.
    1.) Make a backup in your recovery.
    2.) Place the appropriate .zip in your SD Card.
    3.) Flash it via recovery.
    4.) Enjoy!

    REMEMBER: This is only tested to work on .757 KitKat and only for Z1 !
    You are allowed to test it or recompile it for other ROMs, but remember to always give credits to the creators
    I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone, i will help you if you need it, but nor I nor xperiaz2 nor anyone other than yourself is responsible for what you do to your phones.

    **I might later be able to recreate one for earlier versions of Android. :cowboy:
    ---EDIT: The .681 version is not tested so be sure to backup and be ready for anything :p

    HERE is the zip for .757 KitKat
    HERE is the one for .681

    Also, mind that this .zip is freshly built and not so much tested, if you happen to run up on any issue, let me know.
    All feedback is welcome and greatly accepted. :D

    Drop a thanks if you like it. :good:
    Z2 smart camera port doesn't work on Z1, for Z1 you'll at least need:
    - vendor/lib/mmcamera_tintless_algo.so
    - vendor/lib/mmcamera_tintless_bg_pca_algo.so
    - lib/libblurviewfinder.so is also needed

    probably also this one is needed, especially when you wanna try to port SemcCamera3D.apk:
    - lib/libnativebytearray.so
    - lib/libstitchengine.so

    But then it still won't work when you use lib/camera for Z1. mm-camera-sensor won't be able to start camera, this will result in an error when opening camera app: "camera not available"

    Also mm-camera-img fails to open CAC library
    And a permission denied error: "permission denial, can't use the extended camera... 107 CAMERA_EXTENDED

    I've been working on SemcCameraUI from Z2 on Z1 today, but couldn't get it to work yet. Still working on it though :p

    I have working from Z2:
    - Creative effects
    - Timeshift Burst
    - Background Defocus
    - Infoeye

    Working on:
    - SemcCamera3D.apk
    - SemcCameraUI.apk
    - Supervideo.apk

    EDIT: Got SemcCameraUI.apk almost fully working, no more crash in app on phone, but I have an error in logcat I'm not sure how to fix:
    "CameraDevice:GetZoom: params is null"