[PORT] LG G3 Keyboard for AOSP MM roms [xxhdpi support][Black/White themes]

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Jun 21, 2013
Problem with Italian layout

I just installed it on my LG G3 with the Lineage OS 14.1
I noticed that by placing the Italian layout the letters Y and Z are inverted.
The problem is that pressing both will always make the letters Y.
Is there a way to fix this annoying bug?
I attach the screens of the keyboard Ita and Eng.
Thank you very much for those who will answer.


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    Hello guys.

    So I made this flashable.zip with the LG G3 Keyboard(ver.-6.4.7) ported from official V30B firmware and I decided to share it here. It works on CandySix without problems and should work on all MM roms.

    Try and report please :)

    Version 2:
    Added xxhdpi(for the people that using lower dpi(440-520))
    Added Black theme

    Version 1:
    Initial, link for Download is removed.

    DOWNLOAD: LG Keyboard V2
    I'll try to add it today :)

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    Glad you quoted me, I forgot about the black skin port... And can you share how you fix it, so others can use it also on RR?

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    Black theme on 440dpi (and ye, I know about the soft buttons). New version tomorrow :)
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    Fantastic work!
    Perfect in nexus 5 6.0.1 Chroma.
    LG marshmallow keyboard for mm rom aosp!

    Inviato dal mio Nexus 5 Chroma 6.0.1
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