[Port][Lollipop 5.0][Z1/Z Series] Smartcall handle/Smart Backlight/Smart Rotation

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Aug 30, 2012
Hei bro

Are u sure all features working? Did u test all features? Can i get some screens from ur ZL? I don't think it should work in Z and ZL because of hardware Compatibility.. It won't work if i am not wrong..

sorry , I edit my post now , its not working, when i clear the dalvik and cache, it didn't restart i also turn on the smartbacklight but unfortunately after I exit to the settings , my phone restarts again

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    Hello guys its me again with a small work

    This is a port version From Z3

    The sony had already implemented all the Xml codes
    so there is no need to add something or to edit
    all you need is just Flash the patch below

    ( make sure that you need a backup and you should not blame me )

    This is a Deodexed and never mind that your rom is Odexed or deodexed
    Just flash
    i have tested all and every thing is working




    Smart blacklight control and smart screen rotation works very well on Z1C.
    But I can't find smart call handling. Where in settings menu is it located? :confused:

    Settings - personalisation - motion

    {took me a while too! ?}
    Ok guys enough.

    If you want to argue about the benefits of zip aligning then take it to PM. I have made many mods myself for personal use and to be honest have not seen any issues by not doing it.

    Yes it "could" cause ram issues, and it "could" cause battery drain but if it does then users will say something and then the dev can relook at it and try a few different things.
    Smart call handling we have already on LP ;)

    Sent From MoonWalker Provolution V1.0 [Beta] Based On LP 5.0.2 !

    but not for Z1 friend :)

    hope i need to move the thread
    thanks for confirm ;)
    Need some thing similar for note 3
    This is a Sony Development topic, Not for Samsung !

    Sent From MoonWalker Provolution V1.0 [Beta] Based On LP 5.0.2 !
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