[Port][Rom devs please read] Evo Shift stock deodex ported to Evo {Very experimental}

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Oct 10, 2010
IMPORTANT this is very and I mean very Experimental this is not for your average user

So we most if not all want a z like rom landscape and other reasons well here is a shift stock rom deodex for Rom builders to base Evo roms off of it works but there maybe some issues with size on landscape also if you want the evo camera apk the one with front cam you'll need to place it in your modified version and there is the possibility of a GPU's issues since shift has a newer version and evo is older

Using these files you take the risk of anything happening to your phone and I can not and will not be held responsible this is a port for Rom developers to base off of

Evo Shift Stock Ported to Evo
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