[PORT][ROM]Gone Team Galaxy Sense Captivate v0.5..READ THE WHOLE FIRST POST!!

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This is the internal alpha of our team's last effort, first of all its an alpha build, so dont expect it to be a day to day use rom, theres a lot of bugs/issues so many its useless to post them here lol, main issues that pretty much halted the project were these two:

1.Phone Service crashing on wcdma bands.
2.Htc lockscreen call gets delayed by 5min or more.

No one on the team manage to fix these two and so everything just went to a stop cause of this, sorry if people got disappointed but we all tried our best,with these been said please follow this rules after downloading the internal alpha:

1.Do not report bugs
2.Do not make post like "its laggy omfg" "my raindeer dint come for xmas cause of this ****ty rom!!" "dad grounded me cause of downloading romporn" "oh mah gawd bugxor rom no work bullshit ahhhh!" really we dont care at this point.
3.Dont flame us because we dint deliver a working rom...

Anyways download it try it, and if you feel like you can fix it then please do so, thats why we decided to release it, so that maybe someone out there can fix it, supposedly theres another team porting sense to the SGS devices, personally i haven't seen it, also if theres indeed one there assholes, for never contacting us or sharing ideas with us, i mean dont we all want the same thing?? but hey maybe they grabbed one of our alpha builds, and work't of that, idk and at this point i dont care, so anyways enjoy the rom.


Video thanx to glukosio:



1. Make a Nandroid Backup!
2. Full wipe With ClockWorkMod!
3. Flash!




- Desire HD/Z

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Change Log
Working stuff:
2.bluetooth(sort off..)
5.GPS(device goes nuts, dont ask why)
7.Hardware/soft keys
8.Restarting the device from power of menu.

Not working:
2.phone service
3.HTC usb menu (can be fixed with a script made by dexter, and smali to some jar's)
4.Turning of the device
5.HTC's hibernate mode
6.Lockscreen( pressing power to bring the phone from standby will not get a lockscreen after like 5min, plug the device to usb cable and it should bring the lockscreen up)
7.Other things i might have forgotten.
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- Whosdaman, for bringing everyone together.
- Dexter_NLB, for fixing almost all the hardware on the rom(awesome job bro)
- kaik_541, for fixing/helping me on the captivate port( appreciate all your help bro) edit: chaged kaik sorry bro lol
- Barakinflorida, without hes initial work non of this would have happen, so major thanks to him and his outstanding work.
- Mssmision, advising me and kaik regarding the port( again thx for all your help bro)
- Jamezelle, for also giving us advised regarding the port.
- My self, for working on the captivate port lol(awkward)
- Xcaliburinhand, for letting me use hes amazing i9000 kernel port for the captivate sense port.
- All the other team members that one way or the other made the port be were its is now.
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Jul 18, 2007
I gotta run tonight, and sorry I haven't been around, but I may be interested in helping out. I could use getting involved again. I'll talk to you guys in IRC later tonight or tomorrow. At the very least I can probably help test.
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    I know, but when the donators donate I will update. We are the bounty :)

    Let the bounty grow and collect it when you have ported ;)
    my name changed to 343 :p

    edit: I've been almost entirely out of the scene for the past two weeks or so, so I hadn't been able to provide any additional help =/

    stupid life getting in the way of modifying my phone
    Guys! Guess what?

    I got Paul to help us with this ROM! He said he will check it out this weekend if he has time!

    can someone run a quadrant to test?

    Why are you so hung up on quadrant scores? They really don't mean a whole lot.
    My bad mr. sass. I know damn well you dont always check the first post of a thread you already read through

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