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[PORT] The new Home (UX 4.0)

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    As many apps from G5 have been ported to G3. Smart Notice is also ported as well but it doesn't have the blur effect with the old launcher. And the app's main functionality(Notice about weathers and other things) just doesn't works with the new G5 launcher as well.

    Shortly after new Home (UX 4.0) have been released to LG SmartWorld, I downloaded it and tried to install it on my G3 and it just says that it is only for LG phone ans tablets with LG UX 5.0.

    So I made an another version of the apk which allows it to be used on older device such as G3.
    If anyone want to install it, just download it from the link below.

    Download the APK if you know how to replace it yourself.
    Download the ZIP if you want to install it easily.

    Only for stock Marshmallow or ROMs based on stock Marshmallow. Don't try to flash this on Lollipop.

    APK: LGHome_4.apk (You can't just install this like a normal app. You need to replace it in /system/priv-app/LGHome)
    Flashable ZIP: LGHome_UX_4.zip

    thanks for your work,
    a question? can i use it without G5 apps? (stock 30b)

    Edit : Cannot install.
    it asks to update lg home then fails to do it (says : App not installed!)

    Yes, no need for G5 apps.

    Can't install

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    Sorry I forgot that android will not accept it as I used a different certificate to sign it.

    I uploaded a flashable ZIP to use instead.

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    no, it is the update that lg just pushed for the G5 (with app drawer), however, i didn't spot any difference between stock 30b launcher and this one!
    Because it is the same!
    Ok amigo hice esto fue algo de suerte pero hice esto estoy en la rom fulmics 4.2 instale el launcher 5x6 reinicie despues instale UX5.0 V1.7 y baje el DPI a 540 con las opciones de fulmic..y fue todo trabaja muy bien no tengo nada de fc..jala al 100 espero me haya expresado muy bien ..[emoji65] [emoji2]

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    The install 3mint batterry and 5x6 launcher .and obtain alone transparent.punch lucky

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    Veo que usas el launcher del G5, tal vez por eso yo tengo el Blur en el smartnotice... Si me puedes explicar en español que hiciste te lo agradecería mucho :)
    Primer paso instalara la rom fulmics 4.2 o estar en ella ok

    2-Segundo paso instalar 3mintbattery

    3-paso instalar UX5.0 V1.7

    4-instalar el launcher 5x6 de( postaman algo asi se llama este señor )

    Reinicinar..y listo ojo la instalacion se mediante TWRP sin wipes solo instalar y reiniciar aqui les dejo los enlaces de toda la informacion este no es trabajo mio yo solo instale y ami me trabaja muy bien el launcher UX4.0 mesclado con UX5.0 talvez fue suerte pero eso fue lo que hice aqui el enlace de los zip


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    Can you post this in English so everyone can understand?


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