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[PORT][UB/ROOT][Global]CN Shark Space & MI Market for BlackShark

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Sep 1, 2012
Opp Find X
How to get CN Shark Space and MI Market on Global Xiaomi Black Shark ROM
I have been able to get the updated version of Shark Space that's on the CN version of the Xiaomi BlackShark working on the Global Version!

Unlocked bootloader and TWRP
Rooted and have magisk installed
Or all of the above!
Use a file explorer with System Read/Write Permissions (I used FX File Explorer for this)

I will try to make a flashable zip file that you can use in TWRP... for now you will have to move them manually.

How-to Manually Install:
Download the CN_BlackShark_MIMarket zip and Xiaomi Market files
Extract the zip file and save the app and priv-app folders onto your phone's storage
Using a file explorer on the phone:
With the file explorer, mount the system as read/write, accept the warning (if there is one).
Copy the app and priv-app folders to the /system directory.
Click accept/yes to overwrite
Force Stop (if possible) and Clear the data on:
  • BlackShark
  • Game Center
  • GameDock
  • GameLauncher
If you don't see these apps, make sure you have "show sysetem" turned ON under the menu on the top right corner of the application screen
Reboot your phone
It should now be working!!

Install the Xiaomi Market APK file onto your phone if you want the MI Market to show up and work!

Bugs and Untested Tasks:
The "Game Dock" link under your Settings app is broken. If you press that OR the Settings under Game Dock then the Gamer Dock and Gamer Studio will break. You will have to force stop GameDock in settings -> apps to fix it.
Anti-Addiction has not been tested. There isn't a spot open on the Settings Page for it....I will have to do some more tinkering
Screen Recording has not been tested
Performance Monitor Does not work
NetStatus does not work
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Sep 7, 2019
Thanks for the info and the effort. :)

Not much info is shared on the Shark Space. So I decided to ask you here. Please excuse me, but I find you the most suitable person to know.

Can I add programs like Lightroom into the Shark Space. If yes - how?

Thanks in advance.


Apr 18, 2016
Will it work on k20 pro?

I want to play using the black shark gamepads on redmi k20 pro. Can I use this app bundle to make that work?

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Jan 24, 2020
Black Shark 2 game controllers

[REQUEST]Hey can anyone make a mod of xiaomi's game controller apk so it can supports both the controller instead of one