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[Port][UNOFFICIAL][External links] MiuiPro 9 Nougat @ 4PDA

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    MiuiPro 9 Nougat port from Xiaomi Mi Max to Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)

    Not my work, I just wanted to share and gather information publicly available on the internet/4PDA forum.

    What's working :
    • Boots
    • RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
    • FPC fingerprint
    • Photos in camera
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • HW Video Playback
    • Audio/Speakers
    • Sensors
    • Flash
    • GPS
    • Read Mode
    • Silent Mode

    Known issues :
    • Video recording after sleep (use Footej Camera or latest AGNi kernel)
    • VoLTE
    • Goodix fingerprint sensor
    • Autobrightness
    • Some apps FC at first run
    • Brightness slider is not adjusting brightness in linear scale

    MiuiPro features :
    • Advanced reboot
    • Weather M8 app
    • Auto persist flashing for fixing possible rotation bug
    • Extra MIUI customization options
    • Native MIUI permission integration
    • Google Camera with HDR+ support

    Compatible with:


    Credits :
    • @Orochixxx for initial port instructions
    • @psndna88 for his amazing AGNi kernel
    • @S0bes
    • CyanogenMod/LineageOS Team
    • Xiaomi
    • Xiaomi.eu for deodexed ROM
    • 4PDA

    Screen shoots- see attachments
    On Friday Xiaomi will release a new MIUI, which then will be converted to european Xiaomi.eu release, then it will be customised by MiuiPro community and that moded/converted/ported to Redmi Note 3 Pro from MI Max.

    I guess Saturday, maybe Monday.
    Update Google Camera for/compatible with MIUI Pro (but video bug is still present).

    I've also found a BIG MOD for MIUI Pro but right now it's only for MIUI Pro vased on Marshamallow MIUI 9 only.
    List of changes MiuiPro 7.10.5
    Dear friends!

    At your request, we decided to release our own update of our assembly, even despite the Chinese holidays!

    And, as always, we want to notify you in advance about the changes in the future version of MiuiPro 7.10.5 .

    This list of changes is not final.

    Within a week, new additions and other changes are possible, as always, only for the better.

    Added by:

    Viper for Android ?
    Run your application on the assigned combination
    full screen mode
    bar display time in full screen mode

    unknown contact icon (circle removed)
    BusyBox for Nikel, Omega, Santoni
    file hosts
    Google Play
    structure of added settings

    Switching tracks with the down key (Android 7)
    problems with connecting to wi-fi
    disabling on-screen buttons after reboot
    Include shadow icons on Oxygen
    the color of the search string when assigning your application (Android 7)


    "MIUI Laboratory"
    Dolby Atmos