[PORT] Xperia Honami/Z1 Camera app with new Image processing etc | v8 [06/11]

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Oct 17, 2011
here is another issue for me, everythings work fine... its just that when in the Superior Mode, it seems like it only use 9mgpxl reso to take pictures, and i cant find any setting to change that... in stock camera the maximum i can use is 12 mpxl... any tips?? Thanks...


Sep 24, 2013
I installed V7
And Forced close.. Can't even open it, I did everything by the tutorial ..
I don't know what to do now ):
help ..
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May 20, 2013
Please make a video of the installation of the mod and the step after the installation. I have tried 3 times and camera forced close. Now i do a restore but please help us!

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Nov 23, 2012
Might be a stupid question, but any idea if this would work on a 4.4 ROM?
Currently running Beanstalk's ROM and looking for a better camera.

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Jan 6, 2012
Might be a stupid question, but any idea if this would work on a 4.4 ROM?
Currently running Beanstalk's ROM and looking for a better camera.

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Nope it won't work on any non Sony firmware/rom as it needs the Sony framework to function.

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Feb 28, 2012
No fc's in krabppel's camera

flash v7 and manually replace SemcCameraUI.apk in /system

no fc in superior or manual mode..!!

all camera addons working including timeshift burst
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Nov 15, 2011
Hello to all of you,

I have some very sad news especially for Xperia Z1 and ZU users..

But first I wanna give a lot of thanks to all of you for the great support and confidence in me throughout my development times here on XDA, I've met some wonderful people and learned a lot. I know people respect me and it's given me a great feeling of satisfaction.

I have some really difficult issues/situation to deal with in real life now, I can't keep running away from it. I'm sorry to announce to the entire community I'll stop development right now.

I don't know if and when I'll come back. I hope I can come back, but it all depends on my personal situation. Please don't sent me a lot of pm's about the issues. Thank you.

Regards to all of you,


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    I'm proud to present to you:
    Xperia Honami/Z1 camera port!

    == Information ==
    - Info Eye
    - Augmented Reality effects
    - Timeshift mode
    - Manual Mode
    - Social Cast mode
    - Automatic mode
    - Should work on all DEODEXED Jellybean 4.2 STOCK fw

    == Downloads only deodexed! ==
    Download here: Honami Camera

    == Previous version ==
    Mega: Xperia Honami camera port v7
    Mediafire: Xperia Honami camera port v7

    == Installation ==
    - Flash via in recovery
    - Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache
    - Fix Permissions
    - Go to settings => apps => all apps
    - Stop Camera and Camera Common and wipe data of these 2 apps
    - All done!

    A lot of people seem to have issues installing, so try this:
    - Push all apps manually to /system/app
    - Check if there are any old camera apps remaining (shouldn't be, flashable deletes them)
    - Be sure to clear data of camera and Fully read original instructions!

    == Extra ==
    If you like my work consider donating to me for my future Xperia devices!

    == Changelog ==
    Changelog can be found here: Honami camera port info

    == Screenshots and samples ==
    Second post for some samples ;)



    == Some Photos and Videos ==


    You need to have deodexed rom. I'll upload new version tonight and I'll also upload an odexed version ;)

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    I have been less active lately on XDA like some of you might have noticed. The reason is school and I was working on my own site, I just opened my site for everyone: Xperia-dev

    Feel free to check it out :)
    I included a script to fix permissions, but even then it doesn't seem to work with just flashing..
    Anyway, I'll see what I can do to fix these issues.

    I have a new v6 ready with somehow same bugs, but with updated files from Z1 526fw, also odexed version will be uploaded from v6 and on :)

    EDIT: v6 with also an Odexed version released! :)

    I'm debugging the face recognition issue and I haven't found a lot of info, I know where the problem is and I need to edit smali code, so this can take a while to fix.. About Time Burst, I also know what the issue is, but it's more vague and not a specific file. I'm working on fixing the issues.