[PORT] Xperia Honami/Z1 Camera app with new Image processing etc | v8 [06/11]

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Feb 27, 2011
does it works on xperia v with android 4.3?
the focus sound bug in video recording is annoying


Aug 18, 2017
bootloops c6603

it bootloopped my c6603 which was running stryflex 6.0.1 (xz ported on z rom)
i do not recommend to flash this camera on that rom

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    I'm proud to present to you:
    Xperia Honami/Z1 camera port!

    == Information ==
    - Info Eye
    - Augmented Reality effects
    - Timeshift mode
    - Manual Mode
    - Social Cast mode
    - Automatic mode
    - Should work on all DEODEXED Jellybean 4.2 STOCK fw

    == Downloads only deodexed! ==
    Download here: Honami Camera

    == Previous version ==
    Mega: Xperia Honami camera port v7
    Mediafire: Xperia Honami camera port v7

    == Installation ==
    - Flash via in recovery
    - Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache
    - Fix Permissions
    - Go to settings => apps => all apps
    - Stop Camera and Camera Common and wipe data of these 2 apps
    - All done!

    A lot of people seem to have issues installing, so try this:
    - Push all apps manually to /system/app
    - Check if there are any old camera apps remaining (shouldn't be, flashable deletes them)
    - Be sure to clear data of camera and Fully read original instructions!

    == Extra ==
    If you like my work consider donating to me for my future Xperia devices!

    == Changelog ==
    Changelog can be found here: Honami camera port info

    == Screenshots and samples ==
    Second post for some samples ;)



    == Some Photos and Videos ==


    You need to have deodexed rom. I'll upload new version tonight and I'll also upload an odexed version ;)

    Sent from my C6603 using xda app-developers app
    I have been less active lately on XDA like some of you might have noticed. The reason is school and I was working on my own site, I just opened my site for everyone: Xperia-dev

    Feel free to check it out :)
    I included a script to fix permissions, but even then it doesn't seem to work with just flashing..
    Anyway, I'll see what I can do to fix these issues.

    I have a new v6 ready with somehow same bugs, but with updated files from Z1 526fw, also odexed version will be uploaded from v6 and on :)

    EDIT: v6 with also an Odexed version released! :)

    I'm debugging the face recognition issue and I haven't found a lot of info, I know where the problem is and I need to edit smali code, so this can take a while to fix.. About Time Burst, I also know what the issue is, but it's more vague and not a specific file. I'm working on fixing the issues.