porting 3g network files to 4g devices

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  • Aug 7, 2014
    kuala Lumpur
    iam about to do a big step on android
    so I have galaxy exhibit 4g by T-Mobile which support 4g-3g-2g on T-Mobile's network but with another network out of us it only work on 2g all time and there is no thing we can do and this a real good hardware phone (Qcom scorpion)
    so I decided to try editing the network libs and files maybe I can disable 4g and make the maximum network is 3g so I went to lib folder on cm11 ROM and grap all files that contain ril word (after chicking build.prop of course my question is what file does control the network becayse I look at the all files and fond no thing
    can please any one help and if this work it will help every one have a T-Mobile device with 4g and not in us
    please help devs!!!