Porting Android to Samsung Chromebook ARM

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Apr 24, 2018
i would love this to happen btw i have a samsung chromebook pro, but my touchscreen on it doesn'n work i tried refresh+powering it multiple times, i have dropped it 2-3 times from about 3 feet, any ideas? other than getting it repaired


Nov 22, 2021
Moto G 5G
Who exactly is making progress and how do I sign up. How do we get a dedicated forum fired up for this? Let's get this party started, my chrome book should be in in Monday!

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OK I answered my own question. The Ubuntu port instructions can be found here... http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2012/04/chrubuntu-1204-now-with-double-bits.html

I'd still love to see a JB port.
Some of your scripts posted in links not - http://goo.gl/34v87 . Correct link to your project is - https://code.google.com/archive/p/cr-48-ubuntu/downloads
Make a mirror bro!
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    I usually do not start threads and hang in the shadows here on xda, but I love the site and all the awesome development.

    With that said:

    Please do not close this thread - This is not a question, or a discussion about a computer. The new Samsung Chromebook with the ARM chip is basically an Android tablet built like a laptop running chrome. It has a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor, so this falls under Android development and HACKING for devices that do not have a forum on XDA.

    So I have this device and I have to say, it's very well built for the price. The only negative is that it runs Chrome. Now - I'm not here to bash on Chrome OS and I don't need a discussion on the pros and cons of it...

    The point of starting this thread is to get Android ported over to this thing. I actually went out and purchased it at Best Buy because I knew that I could go to xda-developers a week later and someone will post instructions on how to install Android. Didn't happen. Not sure why.

    So please chime in on ideas on how to get the ball rolling. Who do we have to buy a Chromebook for to make this happen? Do we start a bounty?

    Let's keep the xda-developer community going strong! Thank you.
    Well I found some promising information. I might be able to build this using the binaries from arndaleboard which appears to mostly use the same hardware.



    Maybe using bits from this might be the key to getting it to load. It appears to use identical hardware. Not sure about the boot details tho. That might be trickier due to the lack of a method to get into the u-boot system and make changes there. However it certainly seems possible to boot (sideloaded) android with this information from a USB or SDcard. If some more knowledgable hacker took on the boot u-boot challenge and was able to do this in a reliable way I think it could create the android books easily. Im excited as I got this info I will post more details once I have android even coming up on a sideloaded basis.

    Additional info on flashing the actual arndale. For any devs reading. How much would apply to an arm based chromebook? http://www.arndaleboard.org/wiki/index.php/WiKi#How_to_Flash_a_Device
    Is it possible to even do this onto a chromebook? I am still looking to see if its even possible to switch a chromebook into a firmware receive mode like this.

    Some more info on the bootloader


    Im using this post to keep notes on what I find. I might edit some more to update as I find stuff. I will create a separate post if I have any success. I got two of these. I can live with bricking one if it happens. And I imagine there is a way to restore the system if needed. I figure I will figure that part out first. To avoid any mishaps and have a brick.

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    I'm actually rather excited. I think its very possible to make this happen using the arndale info. Not sure how much of the hardware I could get working. Going to create a separate thread for this and see if a community effort can be started to get this working.
    I haven't tried but....

    Is anyone still trying? I found this: htt ps:/ /community. arm. com/ groups/ android-community/ blog/ 2013/ 12 / 16 / installing-android-on-the-samsung-xe303c12-chromebook
    Started working on this already seems the BOOT partition needs to be rewritten to work with UEFI...Anybody wanna help..

    Anyone fancy attempting to get RISC OS running on this, as an alternative desktop OS?