Possibility on Linux running on the mojo

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Nov 27, 2015
Hello, I was bored today and decided to dust off my old mojo, I thought about installing linux on it for running more stuff on it.

I've found two possible routes for achieving this:
  • Flashing linux through Tegra RCM: the tegra 4 SoC on the mojo has the same booting procedures to other tegra boards, by pressing the RCM button (the one under the USB 3.0 port) while plugging in the device to power, one can see it boots up into nvidia tegra rcm (like the nintendo switch rcm). There is software for flashing the device to run linux this way, but I lack the knowledge to use the nvidia dev tools for this.
  • Flashing postmarketOS through TWRP: I am also experimenting with building a postmarketOS android recovery zip for the mojo, using the methods for other tegra 4 android devices, haven't achieved much, but this way seems more promising.
If anyone has tried any of this or is willing to help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it. Running linux on the mojo is far from a necessity, but given that most tegra drivers are already integrated in the linux kernel, it should be possible.