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Question Possible bug F3 dual sim with VoLTE

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Jan 4, 2016
Poco F3
12.5.1 official stable

A bug or as intended?

Dual SIM, using one SIM for calls, the second for mobile internet. Different networks. Both networks support VoLTE, it is turned on and works fine while using same SIM for calls and LTE at the same time..
But hhen calling from the first SIM, don't have LTE connection on the second.
I understand the reason is maybe because they are on different networks, but I was still expecting otherwise.
An option "use secondary SIM for mobile data during calls" does not have any effect.

CAn someone recreate?

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    It's dual stand-by not dual active. In dual stand-by only 1 SIM can be fully active at a time.
    That is 1 SIM can have an active call and Data, or one active call or Active Data. You can't have 2 active calls on different SIMs or 1 active call and active data on different SIMs.

    Update: Adding link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_SIM#Standby