Question Possible cause for the delay in the Jan update?

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Jun 19, 2010
just because you are on wifi doesn't mean the phone isn't also trying to maintain a cell signal unless you've deactivated it.
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Could battery saver Itself be the issue? I received the update and do not have any battery issues or idle drain..
Battery saver is off - how ironic

I take this back. Battery Drain is real. Real bad

I actually turned 5G off, unless I'm going to be streaming.

How do you turn 5G off?
Update preffered connection type to 4G? (I have done this and it makes no difference)


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Jul 3, 2011
Austin, TX
I turned off everything "adaptive" a few days ago. Makes no difference in SOT. My last 4 cycles, first 2 have adaptive on, last 2 do not.

012823 10h 34m 100 to 10
012923 11h 36m 100 to 9
020223 11h 23m 100 to 5
020323 10h 13m 100 to 10
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