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Possible to do true scrub of internal storage?

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New member
Jul 30, 2021
I'm giving away HP Elite x3 to someone I don't personally know and am a bit concerned about data security. I suspect factory reset doesn't actually overwrite with random bits but just removes file pointers/registry.

  1. Is anybody able to confirm for me the underlying functionality of the built-in factory reset vis-a-vis internal storage?
  2. Is there a known method to actually scrub internal storage on Windows 10 Mobile?
Thanks in advance.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2020
Thank you sir, this will be handy for my wife's Android; however, I am curious about same issue for Windows 10 Mobile.

Welcome to XDA 🤗

Encrypt, factory reset, zero fill if you can find an app to do that, repeat.
I never sell or give away hdds, phones, etc. Just not worth the trouble.
My data wipe protocol is fast and foolproof; strike soundly with a 5# sledge on concrete until data is gone🤣
Bonfires work very well too.
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