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Post-factory reset problems

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New member
May 17, 2021
I performed a factory reset on my Redmi Note 6 Pro and it seems things went wrong as it now won't boot. When I turn it on, I get the Mi.com screen for a few seconds then nothing. I did some googling and decided to try a fastboot flash. This did not work with an error "Flash xbl error"

Here is the log:

MiFlash 2020.3.14.0
vboytest index:1
idproduct: 53261 idvendor: 6353
Thread id:10 Thread name:95c0959
image path:C:\Users\User\Desktop\tulip_global_images_V12.0.1.0.PEKMIXM_20201229.0000.00_9.0_global
env android path:"C:\Users\User\Desktop\MIUI_Flash\Source\ThirdParty\Google\Android"
script :C:\Users\User\Desktop\tulip_global_images_V12.0.1.0.PEKMIXM_20201229.0000.00_9.0_global\flash_all_lock.bat
Physical Memory Usage:1044480 Byte
start process id 2968 name cmd
info1:$fastboot -s devicename getvar product 2&1 | findstr /r /c:"^product: *tulip" || echo Missmatching image and device
info1:product: tulip
info1:$fastboot -s devicename getvar product 2&1 | findstr /r /c:"^product: *tulip" || exit /B 1
info1:product: tulip
info1:$set CURRENT_ANTI_VER=4
info1:$for /F "tokens=2 delims=: " %i in ('fastboot -s devicename getvar anti 2&1 | findstr /r /c:"anti:"') do (set version=%i )
info1:$(set version=4 )
info1:$if [4] EQU [] set version=0
info1:$if 4 GTR 4 (
info1:echo current device antirollback version is greater than this package
info1: exit /B 1
info1:$fastboot -s devicename flash xbl C:\Users\User\Desktop\tulip_global_images_V12.0.1.0.PEKMIXM_20201229.0000.00_9.0_global\images\xbl.elf ||
info2:Sending 'xbl' (2504 KB) OKAY [ 0.078s]
info1:"Flash xbl error"
info2:Writing 'xbl' FAILED (remote: 'Flashing is not allowed in Lock State')
info2:fastboot: error: Command failed
begin FlashDone
error:"Flash xbl error"
process exit.
flashSuccess False
isFactory False CheckCPUID False
before:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:True set IsDone True
after:flashSuccess is False set IsUpdate:false set IsDone true
Can anyone assist? I see the "flashing is not allowed in lock state" message but my various googlings seem to suggest I shouldn't need to unlock? Perhaps I do (I did start down that path but got a bit stuck - will persevere if that is the issue).