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Post pictures from your Galaxy Nexus!

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Nov 9, 2009
Over the weekend at Wrigley Field watching Red Sox vs. Cubs.

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Sep 16, 2010
Oh, yeah... I was with em. Was messing around with a Red Dodge Ram. The speedometer only goes to 100 but you could definetly tell it was more than 100... the dodge couldn't keep up... that or he stopped playing. :D

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Crazy! I've had some of my Vettes up to 185!! :D I took my SRT-8 Charger up to 155 (VIDEO) and it still had quite a bit left (175 is top speed on that beast of a car). The fastest I've ever been was 195 in my buddy's Lamborghini Gallardo, 195!!!:eek::eek::eek: This is a video in another Gallardo he had. We hit somewhere in the 185-190 range. Quality is terrible (taken with an old LG flip phone I used to have) and NSFW (I had an F Bomb or two slip out) but you get the idea.
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    Think I deserve a thanks for this one lol :D

    for those who are always criticizing the camera phones, I recommend buying this new phone.

    Before buying the GN I had a SGS2. I really don't understand how people tell so many good things about GN camera.
    Unfortunately, when compared to SGS2 and iPhone4 it is total crap.
    This thread helps us to confirm that.

    Hi troll. Gtfo.

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    Thread cleaned
    It was stated by a moderator not to post screen shots
    Arguing such or doing so would be considered failure to cooperate with a moderator
    Name calling is right out, childish and rude, also considered flaming.
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    It's absolutely kills me when people complain about a camera on phone. If you want a camera for christ sake go buy a camera. If you want immaculate pictures go buy a camera. if you want a real smart phone buy a galaxy nexus

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