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Nov 20, 2010

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Could someone let me know how to get the clock centered? When I try to set it up via widgets it goes either slightly left or slightly right (i.e. aligned under either the 2nd or 4th screen dots). I'm running 2.3.3 stock installed via ODIN.

Hmmm, idunno, using stock touchwiz launcher? I use Go Launcher EX, with an odd-numbered grid so there is a 'center'.
Even with TW though, I would expect 2-wide or 4-wide should still be able to center.


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Oct 14, 2006

I use Go Launcher Ex, and running Overcome Kratos!



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Mar 8, 2009
My Setup

The way I like to set up my beloved GT




EDIT: These pictures look like **** on the tab, they look fine when you watch on a computer I have no idea why that is. :(
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Apr 16, 2011
Here's mine:

I am using JT's Cyanogenmod 7 Port for the Verizon Tab OC'd to 1.4ghz with a modified version of Sonny's ICS theme for Theme Chooser. I am also running LauncherPro+. The screenshot app came with the rom somehow came out as a jpg.


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Jun 8, 2011
Old Homescreens

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Current 4 Screen Homescreen using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper. Slowly adding one knick-knack every so often to the shelves. Looks great with the inside cube transition.




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Jun 8, 2011
It got pieced together from all over the place. Here are all the components. Enjoy. :D

Icons & Wallpapers
Joker Android Icons
Steel bar Dock

Attached Files :
My : Wallpapers Font
1280x1024.jpg: Original Floor
room-com-1024x600.jpg: Original Wall
Shelf & Desk : Photoshop Files Part 1
Window & : Photoshop Files Part 2 : Images for Knick Knacks : Icons for Application Folder

Beautiful Widgets
Mini Info
Application Folder
Smooth Calendar
Simi Clock
Days Left



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    Lets see those Galaxy Tab Home screens :)

    To take a screen capture press and hold the back button and then press the power button

    And now the guide for the Honeycomb layout.
    Ill be editing this over the next hour as I'm on my Tab and can't upload zips. :(

    The '' Galaxyer posted above. Extract the zip to a folder on your SD card.
    ADW EX
    Visual Task Switcher
    Organised Apps
    Google Search
    ADW Honeycomb theme
    One More Clock Collection
    Desktop Visualizer
    Honeycomb Clocks
    Pulse News Reader
    Glass Widgets
    Colorize Widgets
    And your Tab :D

    The above apps are/should all be available on the Market. A few are paid apps but should have free versions

    ADW EX Settings (free ADW might not have some settings I list):
    10 columns & 8 rows
    Home orientation - landscape
    Overlap Widgets - no
    Auto stretch Widgets - yes
    Main dock - hide to expand desktop
    Dockbar - optional
    app drawer doesn't matter as its not used.
    Screen transition - 1
    The other settings you can change to suit what you want

    Now for the theme:
    Make a 3x1 and a 2x1 DVR (Desktop Visualizer) widget on your homescreen.
    3x1 widget: select the Google Search picture extracted from the zip. For the application, choose Google Search. Clear the label and no touch effect.
    2x1 widget: choose the + picture from the zip and make it open Organised Apps. Clear label and no touch effect.
    Place the Widgets at he top left and right of your homescreen.

    Add the Honeycomb Clock to your homescreen. Resize to 3x3

    Longpress homescreen, go to launcher actions. Add 'show/hide status bar' to yiur hhomescreen. Longpress on it, press edit, delete the labels, change the icons to the left arrow icon from the Honeycomb Theme. Add Visual Task Switcher to the homescreen, clear label and choose the fan looking icon from the HC theme icon pack. Longpress homescreen, launcher actions, 'shoe previews' clear label and choose the up arrow icon from the HC theme.
    Arrange them on the bottom left of your homescreen.

    Add One More Clock widget to ADW, press it, go to personalize clock, press menu, toggle visibility, back out to ADW, resize to 3x1, move to bottom left of your homescreen.

    Copy those steps on all of your screens (if you want to/have the patience) and add the other widgets how you want them.

    For the preview type Widgets, got to a free screen, add a 2x2 DVR widget, select the Browser icon, choose it to open the browser of your choice, clear label and no touch effect. Repeat with the apps you want :)

    Hopefully that's not too long or too complicated. If you have any questions/don't understand a step, send me a pm and ill edit the post :)

    Sent from my GT-P1000

    Uploaded with

    The middle screen shows the latest SIMI FOLDER release.
    Here you can now set individual folder options for each of the chalk colours.
    I have shown the 'Design - green' chalk as an example.
    You must then change the SIMI Folder colours for the other Chalk colours etc.

    Colours for Arrow
    Colours for frame border
    Colours for background colour with transparency settings
    Spacing for icon names
    Sizing for icons

    and the list goes on....

    So in the design above each colour of chalk now is applied to the SIMI Folders ie blue, white, yellow and green.

    For those who may be using this design, update SIMI Folders!!!


    Widgets you need
    a) Multi WallPaper from market
    b) Desktop Visualiser from market - use to resize 'blank' icon for text and chalk shortcuts (otherwise GO Laucher and others will allow for resizing without paying.
    So if you're on a tight budget this option may be for you :)
    c) LauncherPro Plus - set Homescreen pref to Columns 10 and Rows 10
    d) Simi Folders with the options for 'Custom' folder instead of default 'iPhone' folder.
    e) Free Power Control or any other Widgets you wish to use
    f) ExtDate for the Date widget - place inside circle
    g) Analog Clock - mjDev from market (Honeycomb Analog clock also looks great if you want).
    h) SMS Unread count for the phone, text and mail links.
    Please refer instructions i this app, but basically you need to copy the blank / transparent image to a specific folder and use that instead of the default phone, text, mail images. Don't panic it's easier done than said - (that makes a change :) )

    Step by step

    i) Use Multi Wallpaper to place the 3 included sceens (refer zip file) onto page 1, 2 and 3. Page3 has the teacher on it :)
    Once installed instead of dding a Widget to your screen select live Wallpaper option and choose MultiPicture Live Wallpaper.

    Select Settings.

    Transition Type > Slide NB this is important to get a 'seamless affect when moving from screen to screen!)

    Screen 1 settings >
    Picture source >
    Click on this setting and choose the Teacher_Galaxy_a image
    Leave all other settings

    Repeat for Screen 2 and Screen 3

    Select Wallpaper when done.

    ii) Set LauncherPro Plus to show 3 screens in preferences.
    NB make sure scrolling wallpaper is not set to off. That kept me entertained for a good half an hour :D

    iii) Now use Desktop Visualiser to place a 'blank / transparent' image over each part of the wallpaper that will have a shortcut. (I have included a blank image, just in case!) You will prob need LauncherPro Plus to stretch these the way you want.
    If you find you can't position the blank icons perfectly, cheat a little, and for eg place the browser immediately above browser and notes shortcut below notes etc. You'll get the hang of it with practice. Rome wasn't built in a day either!!!

    You should manage with the above, let me know if you're having a blonde day :)

    Good luck and thanks for your interest in this.
    I'm using a 10x10 grid with ADW Launcher Ex. The live background is WP Clock Full by Tom Bernard Ants, and the dock icons are from Dreamlyfe Original for LauncherPro. The typographical designs are widget shortcuts, enabled by devmil's Minimalistic Text.

    looks brilliant!!! what does one have to do to get this on their tab?

    Thank you robinrob

    Below is a description originally aimed at a new user to android designs.

    I'll try list all items

    1. The date is a widget called ExtDate from market.

    2. The Design, Favourite, Mesaging and Media are PNG files added to the screen using Desktop Visualiser. In Desktop Vis is a setting to link the image to an application. In this case I have used Simi Folder to display relevant app icons when pressing each of the main icons on the left.
    So for eg pressing the 'messaging' icon will launch the Simi Folder with icons in it.
    Search for Simi Folder in the market and you'll see the effect.

    3. The battery indicator that shows '40' is 'Circle Battery' widget available from market.

    4. The clock is 'Analog Clock' made by mjDev from market.

    5. The weather is from 'Simi Clock' with all options off or ransparent so as to only display the weather.

    6. All the icons on the RHS are shortcuts to applications using Desktop Visualiser and the relevant shortcut. Since they are Widgets, they do not appear on other screens.

    7. The notifcation 'bubbles' are 'SMS Unread Widget' available from the market.
    I have used a transparent image for each of the three notifications hence only the 'bubbles' are shown next to the relevant icon.

    8. The triangle at the bottom is an image used to replace the standard Launcher Pro icon that when pressed displays all your Apps.

    The oher icons in this dock are hidden away using a blank icon. (In my case they are actually additional shrtcuts that are invisible using a transparent image again. Pressing far right or eg will use 'Lock Screen Button' to lock the screen, and pressing far left will se Quick Profiles' to Silence the device and return to normal after a specified time.

    The Wallpaper image came from

    Launcher Pro Plus is used to resize the Icons on screen.

    I know the description is a bit long winded but for a new user I hope it is helpful!

    Thanks again for your comment.