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Thebear j koss

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The ones you are posting are all class. Be great if you could edit each post adding details on each.
Thanks I appreciate it. I used to post details but there was very little interest really to post for each screen, but I am more than happy to share details for any screens you like and as always I can provide walls I have created and most kwgt that I use are my own. Feel free to send requests to me in PM, I'll do my best to remember and share whatever I can. 👍🐻
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Oct 22, 2020
Finally, someone else that listens to at the drive in... Easily top 3 bands I have ever seen live, probably 17-18 years ago. A bit before relationship of command came out. They were on grand royal- the beastie boys record label.

Definitely a great band. I can't believe some of their stuff is already a quarter of a century old. I guess I'm just old. They get played almost daily in my workout playlist. ✌️
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    Nova Launcher
    Retorika Icon pack
    KWGT with links to clock, calendar, weather and toggle WiFi on/off
    The visible apps are all folders if you swipe on them.
    Nova launcher if I swipe music folder opens neutron and if I swipe camera folder opens camera app

    I also have flight mode and internet tiles taken away for the top tiles so if I lose phone no one can turn them off so hopefully coupd still find phone
    Square home ..
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    I made a little live wallpaper and wanted to make it googly so here's what I came up with so far. I'm sure I can do a bit better but this is my rough draft so far. Check it out
    Ok, let me start then. Pretty basic and clean.
    This is mine after a quick set up. I need to do quite a bit more as I want to get back into KWGT to have actionable custom widgets so for example, an icon for audible wouldn't open the app but would instead open up the audible widget and so on. That way instead of having my task list in one place. I could have it and many other widgets fade in, in the same place whilst keeping a really clean screen for the rest of the time.