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Thebear j koss

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The ones you are posting are all class. Be great if you could edit each post adding details on each.
Thanks I appreciate it. I used to post details but there was very little interest really to post for each screen, but I am more than happy to share details for any screens you like and as always I can provide walls I have created and most kwgt that I use are my own. Feel free to send requests to me in PM, I'll do my best to remember and share whatever I can. 👍🐻
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Oct 22, 2020
Finally, someone else that listens to at the drive in... Easily top 3 bands I have ever seen live, probably 17-18 years ago. A bit before relationship of command came out. They were on grand royal- the beastie boys record label.

Definitely a great band. I can't believe some of their stuff is already a quarter of a century old. I guess I'm just old. They get played almost daily in my workout playlist. ✌️
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