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My Home Screen on my Note20 Ultra.
- Bonjour Batterie (2010 Widget)
- Google Maps Traffic Shortcut
- Network Signal Info Pro Widget
- Deluxe Moon Widget
- 3D flip clock & weather widget
Screenshot_20210207-101223_One UI Home.jpg
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May 7, 2012
Laramie, Wyoming
My Homescreen Setup AT&T Note20 Ultra 5G 512GB .


  • Screenshot_20210211-150628_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210211-150628_One UI Home.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210211-150702_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210211-150702_One UI Home.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210211-150726_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210211-150726_One UI Home.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210211-150750_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210211-150750_One UI Home.jpg
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Found a really nice "Aurora Borealis" wallpaper with the silhouette of a wolf in the foreground, looking down over the valley. used that to go with my "Keep you Hands Off" Wolf Lockscreen wallpaper!


(NOTE: Lockscreen Photo is edited with Photoshop - I shot the pic with my Microsoft SurfacePRO 7 laptop, ultimately, the WORST camera I have EVER seen! The Wolf was disgusting, as is the text, etc., so I copied and pasted the wolf in from my wallpaper file so it at least, looked halfway presentable!)


Recognized Contributor
May 7, 2012
Laramie, Wyoming
Homescreen setup for this week AT&T Note20 Ultra 5G 512GB.


  • Screenshot_20210224-165946_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210224-165946_One UI Home.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210224-165956_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210224-165956_One UI Home.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20210224-170025_One UI Home.jpg
    Screenshot_20210224-170025_One UI Home.jpg
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