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This is original non-rooted Samsung system.
I use Substratum, Swift Black donate theme and Tweaks for Substratum and Nova launcher Prime 6.0 Beta 5.

Btw this is my screen now I have installed Navigation Gestures - Swipe Gesture Controls! to get the Android Pie "Pill" navigation.

It's amazing! I have set it with the back action=swipe right; Recent Apps=swipe up and it corresponds perfectly to the default Samsung UI animations.
And it gives you more screen if set up properly, because the keyboard and other apps go to the furthest down on the screen.
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Dec 5, 2016
Awesome theme, how did you get background in quick settings panel? Are you using a custom rom?

I'm using a custom theme over n the app telegram .... I'm a tester for the developer I can't post theme cause I'm working with the developers but I have the 1st theme I used fo him I can part that apk


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