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Sep 15, 2011
Afternoon All 😊☕

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    part of my long time klwp, it's not available, sorry.

    but, you can rebuild it easily in kwgt or klwp.

    it's all inside a stack group, left aligned.
    clock part is a stack group (with margin -35, but up to ya (depends on the ttf) with 2 text elements for hour and min (both left aligned), df(hh)$ and $df(mm)$, size is up to ya (mine is 110).

    underneath a text element with the formula $tc(cut, df(EEEEE), 3)$., $df(d)$. $df(MMM)$. left aligned, size 24.

    and underneath that's a stack group, middle aligned, margin +5.
    text element: $if(wi(cond))$ | $wi(temp)$°$wi(tempu)$, left aligned.

    plus a weather icon set, i use my own, but it's up to ya. if you need a weather icon set, ask.

    all text elements have a light text shadow,
    ttf is "product sans regular".

    think that's it.

    any question, just ask, i'll help.


    7 minutes work, if anyone is interested.
    2x2 kwgt widget, expanded to 3x3.
    (clock ttf is "product sans light", for the look.)
    @RodKahx "google-lookalike" weather icons.

    top is my klwp, bottom the widget.
    zipped & attached. enjoy.

    View attachment 5305231
    Much appreciated, I think you've given me enough detail to give it a shot!
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    sunday / chillday

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    Over three and a half years later, I have made a follow-up post lol:
    Let's keep this thread going! :)

    I'm curious to see what everyone's home screen looks like. How do you manage your Home Screen(s)? I'm curious as where people place things, what themes they use, what wallpapers, etc.

    Anyways, here are mine:
    Left screen: for folders, media, and market app
    Center: For most common apps, and a quick toggle app.
    Right: Unused. Leaving open for when (more like if...) widgets are available.
    so after a few people asked for it, here is the uzip + both walls / attached.

    Wow! 67K replies and 15.7M views!

    I remember making this thread WAY back when the G1 was new. Back when modding Android was just beginning.
    Stericson was the themeing master and was trying to learn from him, as you can see from my Red/Tool theme in the first post.
    I was reminded of this thread today and came back shocked that it was still going strong.
    I drifted out of the Android themeing community because of college and work loads, but it's okay, there are much more talented people than me working on these things now. :p

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the longest/most popular thread on xda, so let's keep it going :)

    So back on topic: After my G1 days, I had a Galaxy S Vibrant, and I just got the Galaxy SIII yesterday, so forgive me for the bland layout.
    Steel Wheels

    I finally finished this homescreen... :victory:
    It has been a long and tiring work because of the numerous details on which I have focused, 3D effects, shadows and depth .... but overall I am happy with the final result. :D

    Nova Launcher - ZooperPro - MediaUtilities
    -Desktop grid size 6rows x 5columns
    -No dock
    -No width/height margins
    -Top and bottom Zooper widgets size 3rows x 5columns

    If you want to use my wallpaper it is included in the link, otherwise you can you use any grey backgroud for a better look.
    This homescreen works fine also on a full screen device (I mean no navbar and no status bar) but I suggest you not to move or edit the map otherwise the location will not work properly, unless you know what you are doing... ;)

    Credits to @King Rollo for the bottom icons (2five) :good:



    High resolutions pictures to better appreciate the details: :D
    Pure Android UI Home

    Pure Android UI Home

    -Nova Launcher
    -Zooper Pro
    -Media Utilities

    Set-up on Nexus5:
    -Desktop grid 6x5
    -No dock
    -No notification bar
    -No margins
    -No navbar
    -Both zooper widgets (top&bottom) size 3x5



    On request, I can share the widget with the logo of your device:
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