Post your Pixel 4a homescreen


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Sep 13, 2018
You don't have problems with Nova and Gestures navigation enabled?
Not really. Which problems do you have?

For completeness, I have a couple of very, very minor issues; certainly nothing to make me want to stop using either gestures or nova launcher:

1) I have nova set to screen off when i double tap. If I swipe up to return to the homescreen, allowing the app the visually shrink away completely revealing the launcher, then immediately double tap, then it brings back that last app, as if it hasn't quite switched it away (although visually it has). So I have to pause ~0.5 seconds before double tapping. No amount of altering animation speed in the OS or nova changes this animation or alters the behaviour.

2) When swiping up to reveal the homescreen, sometimes (not always though) there's a delay of around 0.5 seconds (unreleated to my first point). It's as if something's been flushed out of memory and has to get reloaded. Nova, many years ago, used to have an option to force lock itself into memory or something. That feature appears gone now.

When I first got this phone nova seemed a little flakey; it kept getting removed as the default launcher. I didn't bother fiddling; just stopped using it for a few weeks and stuck with the default one. Then, once I just couldn't stand that any more I tried again. Clearly either an Android 11 or Nova update fixed this.


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Jul 6, 2008
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Nov 20, 2012
I don't understand empty screens... My home is functional. Current wallpaper comes from some ASUS collection.

There's a work/internet page, games and the root/hacking/system page. I hardly use the app drawer.