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Aug 14, 2018
Hello Friends of POCO !
I'm using AOSP-based roms since 3 months and even if i'm a huge fan of the UI and experience, Screen On Time is really better on MIUI.

I create this post to discuss and post our battery stats and SOT. If u can put your ROM, Kernel and the apps you're using for having good SOT ? :cool:
I think that this thread could really help some guys to make a choice between roms and kernels.
I always root my phone and put these apps :
Greenify, Servicely and Naptime.

I'm using Multi-Rom so :
crDroid V5 - FrancoKernel r12 : ± 7h SOT
NITROGEN OS r21 - FrancoKernek r12 : ± 8h30 SOT

Your turn guys ! :laugh::cowboy:;)
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Dec 8, 2013
I got 9hours on pixel experience + extreme kernel.
The thing that saves my battery is NOT installing any kernel manager app like FK. Seems like its CPU governor simply ruins everything


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Dec 9, 2018
This was yesterday I so happened to save it, not really happy with it, it's with LOS16 and with like 49% battery I flashed Franko kernel and used my phone alot ended work with and hour PUBG till i took this screencap. I want my redmi note 5 SOT times of 10-11hrs!
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