Power button broken on a dead phone. How do I turn it on?

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May 22, 2022
Basically I have this old phone which I wanted to use, but the power button doesn't work. I have got it to the charge screen and recovery mode (by holding down volume down) which needs the power button to select things. Any ideas what I can do?

Btw the phone is a Moto G4 Play

xXx yYy

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Feb 4, 2017
if you can use usb cable, you can use ADB command to boot your phone.
ADB only works if USB debugging got enabled on device. If not already enabled then you can try to do this when device is booted into recovery mode:

adb shell
echo "persist.service.adb.enable=1" >>/system/build.prop
echo "persist.service.debuggable=1" >>/system/build.prop
echo "persist.sys.usb.config=adb,mtp" >>/system/build.prop"

And: If device isn't powered on then ADB via USB won't work.


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Jan 23, 2022
Redmi 9
If the plastic piece of the button fell off then you can simply press the physical switch under where that cap fell off (usually a square or circle shaped thing in the middle).
If the button is damaged then just scrape away the covering on the rails for the button and short them using a screwdriver or anything conductive.


May 21, 2017
yes, if your phone debug did not open, ADB will not work.
Haadi is right, try it for several times, if it does not work, you probably have to open your phone cover, then fix power connector. Technically there will have two thinner metal to touch for power up phone, just use some metal things to connect them. By the way, what kind of phone you have? There should have youtube video to show you how to open your phone cover.